Thursday, November 17, 2011

33 Years and Counting

Time Flies By When You Aren't Looking

Who would have thought that a marriage starting out with two very young adults would have lasted as long as it did? A boy at 19 married a girl of 20.

Our families were certainly skeptical, and the odds of us making it were certainly not in our favor, but somehow we pulled it off. We survived so much over the years, including illness and death of family members. Two children with their many little issues growing up, and that definitely have minds of their own, something I wouldn't have any other way, and in some ways they were the fabric that held our family together. The love for our children transcended any problems we may have had. Always absolute in our resolve to keep it together and nurture one another.

A life with a man, that though we had some tumultuous times and even times we were convinced we would be better off apart due of course to our lack of maturity, has finally come full circle and is the best man I could ever imagine being with. There will never, nor could there ever be another. I am so glad we stuck it out only to rediscover each other as the mature people we have become. We are now in that stage of life of what we call, familiar and and love that is impenetrable. I used to think when I was younger, how different my life may have been if he and I had chosen different paths. Today, I have no thoughts of such things, because I believe until a marriage comes full circle which includes raising your children and then it is just you and him again, will the answers we seek be revealed to is a journey to share together with solace and commitment.

My Hubby

For many years as we grew in life together and for the most part have enjoyed a prosperous, comfortable lifestyle, though hard earned, including the ups and downs of venturing into uncharted territory of business start-ups which meant career changes and a belief we could make them prosperous. Despite those challenges however, nothing has been more difficult for us and we have never seen anything like it, than this recession.

Life savings being stretched, retirement postponed of what was once planned, to cultivating our marriage to keep this life's challenge from destroying what we had built up for many years. We can't quit now, that was for sure. While we saw friends around us withdraw into themselves, or split up due to blame of finances on the other, my hubby and I stayed shoulder to shoulder, keeping this recession from tearing us apart......oh there were some days of rampant emotions and fear of the future, but one of us on any given different day, seemed to be the grounding rod that kept things in perspective....thank goodness, since if we both were going off the deep end the same day, that would have been a disaster. Something I think unfortunately happened to many couples over these past several years.

A custom home builder by trade, my husband and best friend of 35 years from the day we met, became my right hand man within my business to assist me with running it and managing the marketing and public relations with reps and business owners as we began to spread our wings.

We are literally together just about 24 / 7 except when he is conducting business for us out of town of late. Working diligently to restore and build a productive and prosperous life again. Sometimes I think he is the energizer bunny.

A man that has lifted me up countless times when I wanted to give up or wallow in self pity as friendships and marriages dissolved all around us by those that have been hit so hard by this recession. Of course the majority being in construction. We fortunately, were able to reinvent ourselves through Sterling Minerals and build it to a wonderful company comprised of wonderful customers. Our friends have not been so lucky....I think many just switched over to survival mode....just hoping to make it through until things turn around in their field.....I think and pray for them daily and we help out when we can.

There Are No Words

As each day goes by and we are about to celebrate our 33rd wedding anniversary this Friday, the gratitude I have for this man putting up with my little idiosyncrasies all these years, there are no words that can describe the love I feel for him. He has the patience of a saint, a smile that disarms, and a laugh that is contagious.

He is and has been my rock and though not without flaws, they are what only make me love him all the more. And in some relationships, they are lacking the finesse or maybe just the know how, since marriage doesn't come with a "how to" manual, to make the other feel significant or irreplaceable. My hubby after much soul searching and of course relationship experience with me, always makes me feel important and special. In fact, I read a quote somewhere long ago and I recall it on this day of our upcoming anniversary, "A boy makes a woman jealous of others, while a man makes other women jealous of his." And indeed he has and I feel loved and cherished by him, and he has never been without compromise.....we are the ying and yang for one another.

Thanks for allowing me to share this day with you, and I know what maybe a sappy moment for some, but I truly wish all of my readers a love like mine. Life is fleeting and if you can share it with someone special, that is what makes the bumps and turns of life easier. There will never be anything you cannot face when you stand together, shoulder to shoulder and take on the challenges most of us will face in our time spent on this planet. And for those that have loved and lost, then you too know and have shared similarly, that inner peace of being with the one and only that made us what we are today.....because I would like to believe that I am a better person because of the man I married 33 years ago.

Wishing everyone a lovely weekend. Stay warm, be well and love to you all!

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