Thursday, November 3, 2011

Green Color Corrector - Just Say NO!

Who Teaches This Stuff.....Still?

I am still amazed every time I receive a phone call from a customer telling me about using a color corrector, green no less. They opened up their wallet and shelled out a few bucks at the drug store or at another online store, thinking this will end the flaws on the face... They go to these other outlets, because you see, we don't sell them, and for good reason.... Again another reason I love hearing from them, it gives me such great ideas to write about, especially knowing, if one struggles with this problem, there are many among the silent, who don't call or write, but search the internet for the advice. So I hope this will clear things up.

The compliments followed by the questions or concerns, always seems to be the same, how much they love our mineral foundations, but don't understand why it changes color when they apply it over the green color corrector they used.

This practice of color correcting is still being taught on videos, at cosmetic counters and similar, that the way to control redness or orange skin or blue under eye circles, is to use these hideous color correctors which can be found in green, yellow, lavender, and sometimes peach.....This is so old school and maybe worked back in the day before high def television and digital photography, but it is an outdated tool that does not work well with the "au naturale" woman, who is trying to achieve similarly, this look today.

Some may also be wondering why others close to them haven't pointed out there is something amiss, but perhaps they are embarrassed for their friend or don't want to hurt their feelings, especially if they think they are doing the best makeup application ever, spending endless hours getting it just right. In other cases, if something appears off, their spouses have been more than happy to point out there is something wrong going on with the face, but can't quite put their finger on it....gotta love those hubby's.....speaking from experience myself.

The sales pitch always is, Green is for muting redness, Yellow is for blue under eye circles or bruising and Lavender is for toning down orange skin, supposedly....and this will give you flawless skin......uh, do ya think...really?

The Reality Of The Situation

It is as simple though, as reeducating ourselves and understanding that this is color, yes that's right.....color, plain and simple...and it doesn't matter what pretty package with a bow on top, the sales clerk tries to wrap up this gimmick in.... When we add color that is separate from a perfect blend of foundation shading, it will alter the shade....why hasn't the cosmetic guru learned this? I mean do they even look in the mirror or venture out into natural daylight to see the actual end result that occurs to their freshly made up face? Unless they are caking on the foundation to also cover up the color corrector, this never works by today's standards of makeup application. Pancake makeup is so passe.

Green is a perfect example: In it's excellent ability to mute redness, it will do exactly the same to the red tones in a foundation, essentially turning them gray, basically making the skin appear ashen or ghostly....a dead gray pall, which is exactly what happened to my latest customer who gave us a ring yesterday.

In fact, many Olive shades are created with green in order to beige or gray out the shade so to speak because Olive skinned women possess very little red in their skin tone. But green is a poor substitute for creating a true beautiful Olive shade. We use true skin tone pigments which create our perfect Olive shades without making Olive skin turn ashy. Basically, you will not find any Chromium Oxide Green in any of our mineral foundations, which is the colorant of choice in many commercial brands for achieving beige tones, and again works great if you like gray skin.

Lavender: works wonderfully on toning down orange skin or counteracts sallow or bruised skin as the bruise begins to yellow, and controls hyper-pigmentation of the skin. But again, if used with the incorrect shade such as an Olive or Pink overtone shade, this will also make the face appear ashen because it contains a blue and red combination. If you have strong yellow undertones, then using this as a color corrector will give the skin a green cast.

Yellow: works well at reducing blue bruising, and blue under eye circles, but if it is again overused, this will completely alter true undertones making the correct foundation, incorrect, such if you have strong pink overtones, which will then make the skin appear orange.

Peach (Pink): also added to the line at times for color correcting for sallow skin types or dark areas with hyper-pigmentation, but I am sorry, there is never a good reason to use this awful shade unless, quite plainly, you enjoy orange skin.

Can't win for losing...huh?.... this is why we don't offer color correctors.

Best Advice

If you need to color correct, we have lovely blush shades that can also work as a face color, but they are identified as being used to subtly change the skin tone, not lambaste the entire face and then think that when we apply our foundation over the top, our skin tone will be perfection. In fact, we recommend applying them over the top of the foundation so the change can be achieved slowly to suit our needs. Whatever the foundation doesn't correct (this rarely happens if ever), then the blush face color can be used to give a touch more of color correction without altering the entire face.

Using the shades like Fiorella (Ivory, Yellow and Pink) or Jennifer (Ivory, Yellow) will work 100% better at doing the job of color correcting because they are formulated with true skin pigmentation designed to blend and complement the foundation you use and your natural skin tone.

Color correctors will never create that natural matter what you see or hear on TV. Remember, much of the education is shown in well lit studios or on you tube or even in a salon, which hardly ever gives true pigment to the skin due to the type of lighting. Daylight and natural light will reveal much...step outside and then tell me what you see. Plus the ultimate goal is to sell you more gimmicky stuff to only clog up your makeup drawer further or create more problems for skin...and most times at a wasted expense.

As with many of our customers, this has been the complaint once they leave the warmly lit makeup table and venture outdoors or leave the office setting of fluorescent lights, or the dimly lit public restroom, that have used these atrocious color correctors. They somehow have come to resemble some horrifying version of Herman Munster or Casper the Ghost....and then are utterly confused at what just happened to that beautiful shade they brought home....or worse yet, they blame the foundation shade they picked because they didn't try it without the ritual of color correcting first. Frustration continues as they seek out that perfect foundation shade, when in reality, it is the seemingly benign color corrector lurking in the makeup drawer, dooming their search from the get go.

Our skin should reflect it's natural beauty, not make it look like death warmed over. This may work at Halloween, but if we really want to portray the natural look we all seek, then mineral makeup is perfect for that, but skip the color corrector and you'll look incredible.

Our last customer conveyed as such, that once she removed the color corrector, the foundation shade she chose was awesome and the best match she found as opposed to the many other brands she tried.

Just Say No!

So next time you feel like a makeover at your favorite department store, or to pamper yourself at a spa setting which may include freshening up your makeup, and they reach for the color corrector for that blemish or touch of rosacea or blue under eye circles.....put up the hand and just say, "NO.....thank you."

In fact, as much as I don't like these much either because of the heavy texture, melt out or creeping that can occur, you would be far better off using a standard concealer stick made to reflect natural skin pigment than using one of the green, yellow, lavender, or peach me on this.

~Your skin will be more beautiful for it and your foundation shade will remain true~

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