Friday, August 15, 2008

New Luxury Spa Brush Line For Super Sensitive Skin

Hello everyone out there in Mineral Makeup Land.

Bringing you a tiny news flash! I am "over the top" excited about Sterling Minerals Cosmetics launching a brand new complete line of pure luxury, spa quality Cosmetic Brushes. We will provide a nice variety for every makeup application you may need. The feel and texture is unbelievable with these new 100% Synthetic Vegan Friendly Brushes. Every skin type will appreciate their high end superior quality.

These brushes are so incredibly soft with their velvet tips, they are perfect for highly sensitive skin types and for applying mineral powders post dermatological procedure. You too will simply be amazed when you experience the first touch to your face. So soft and gentle in texture they can be used on a babys' delicate skin. This means literally zero irritation!!! Fantastic!

We are spreading the word! Tell all of your friends and join with us in our elation!

Everyone at Sterling Minerals is very excited!

People everywhere are showing their excitement!

It is a party full of anticipation of their arrival! ;~)

Well, I guess we can't please everyone!

After much research on the latest technology for accomplishing super soft feel with nylon, I am finally able to provide a brush line with confidence that not only applies mineral powders to perfection, but will offer sheerest to heavy coverage in application that you cannot achieve with natural animal hair brushes. I never thought it possible with synthetics! Our new brushes will not shed, nor will they smell when washed and they are plush, plush, plush! You will simply love the super chunky handles for ease of use as well.

The best part is their ability to hold the minerals in the velvet tips so more minerals go on the face instead of into the brush. This means a savings to you since less mineral powders will be used.

We will be launching our synthetic mineral makeup brushes in September. I would love to show you a picture, but I have decided to wait for the unveiling when we actually launch the new line on the website.

Enjoy your weekend and try to contain your excitement! ;~D

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