Friday, August 29, 2008

Sterling Minerals Is Now An FDA Registered Company!

Well, just to give a quick update.

My company is now registered with the FDA and it was my decision to do this since it is important to me to play by the rules and continue to provide full disclosure of our product line and our ingredients, while creating products that will remain preservative and chemical free.

The FDA is flawed in many regards, but by becoming a registered company, I open myself up to scrutiny and fair play when it comes to bringing attention to the FDA Globalization Act of 2008. Furthermore, it allows me to become an active participant for the potential of exciting change and possible reform which will benefit the cosmetic industry and its' loyal customers.

Since myself and many Indies' are opposed to this draft written in its current form, we can hardly bring argument if the FDA doesn't know we exist. Cottage industry companies are rapidly growing wishing to do their part to bring the consumer choice for better organic and natural sources of exceptional skin care. We are all in this together and have jointly expressed our concerns about the new proposed regulation.

Donna Maria Coles Johnson, Owner and Founder of the Indie Beauty Network, of which I am a member, spearheaded the joint venture of all of us and took up a petition and went to Washington DC earlier this month, along with other industry leaders to make our position and opinons known. You can still sign the petition located here: FDA Globalization Act of 2008 Opposition Petition.

We are continuing our debate of the current draft and will keep all of you informed as things develop. Many thanks to the ladies who lead the way to the steps of DC to make our voices heard, loud and clear. Kudos! You can locate an update here: Indie Blog / Donna Maria / President

Have a great Weekend!

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