Thursday, August 7, 2008

Mineral Makeup and Your Teen

Oh so many years ago I remember when I wanted to start wearing makeup but my mother was adamantly opposed. She asserted makeup was a cause in making little girls grow up too fast. It was suggested young ladies who did this were somehow not following moral values even though this practice was prevalent throughout my school. The picture envisioned as conveyed by my mother and grandmother that we were loosey goosey and would resemble a street walker. However I felt girls everywhere were made up looking quite fabulous in my opinion. If you weren’t wearing makeup you just weren’t with it, although my opinion was quite jaded.

I fought the tyranny of parental guidance by taking makeup with me on the school bus and putting it on after I left the house. This is clearly not something I recommend since after getting to school I bore no resemblance of myself. I had no clue how to apply the stuff. Eye colors I chose looked horrendous and my makeup was way too heavy. Everything was liquid in those days except for the typical pan of pressed powder loaded with Talc. Just because we have a favorite color, doesn’t mean it should get applied to our face. Most times I felt embarrassed and ended up washing the stuff off. I just couldn’t seem to get it right.

Finally, by the time I hit my junior year, I learned how to look good for that particular era with the advice from my best girlfriends. I thought "wow I got it goin' on!" However, frosted everything is not the way to go today. After all though, my girlfriends' experience far surpassed anything mom could tell me....don't you know! I think this is typically how most of us learned life’s lessons. Go to my mother!?.....that was a scary thought! Who did that in those days? When I had my application down to perfection my mother quit bucking the trend.

Today we see much of the same thing, as many girls are struggling to fit in, marching to their own tune and wanting to make friends. Peer pressure, despite parents’ best intentions, can be fraught with emotion. It is not so different from decades before. However, it was my generation that didn’t discuss much but you kind of went by feel.

Now we are the information generation and images of perceived beauty are everywhere. In raising my daughter, I learned from the lessons of my teen years and knew my discipline would be similar to the values my mother taught me with some flexibility thrown in. I had no problem with my daughter wearing makeup, however instead of banning it from her as she turned 14, I would guide her on creating a natural look so she would not suffer the scourge of embarrassment from wearing cookie monster blue eye shadow and red lipstick. Life is tough enough when it comes to fitting in at school and this is one area I knew I could help her with. The best part was my daughter truly enjoyed my interference with the makeup ritual and we were true best girlfriends right to our souls. She is a beautiful girl, completely free of acne, never had skin problems, so I didn’t want her to mask her complexion. The effect was perfection and she didn’t look older, just fresh and healthy looking......a little mascara, soft lip gloss, a bit of muted neutral eye shadow, a smidgeon of powder and a soft blush. Although she continues to be an excellent student majoring in Communications, as she proceeds with college, and is extremely confident anyway, being able to use her minerals gives her that boost to feel and look good without damaging her skin. And the natural SPF is wonderful since her skin resembles Anne Hathaway, the actress. Very fair!

Mineral Makeup is so wonderful for our teens today. It allows them to feel confident by smoothing skin and camouflaging the imperfections they deal with, including acne. Their skin can breathe and it melds so nicely to leave them with nothing short of a perfect healthy complexion. Through the use of mineral cosmetics will help to elevate their self esteem, feel included in the wave of peer pressure, and have a lot of fun with girl talk and sharing different ways to apply this cool stuff. Colors are diverse and are used to create many original looks without looking like they are wearing a mask of goop. A lot of young girls are getting it right as I observe beautiful faces looking more natural than back in the day. But what is truly unique about minerals is the ability to create even a glam look. So if you want to look fabulous for that special occasion, a wedding, a graduation picture, or an evening out, you can accomplish a specific look with mineral cosmetics. You can foil eye shadows for more intensity and wear a richer shade blush and lip color. Adding a bit of bronzer will also create a healthy glow for those with fair skin. My daughter did the glam look for her graduation picture since day to day she rarely has the opportunity to look so formal. This was a fun day for us, yet full of emotion as it marked the transition from high school on to college.

On the other side of the coin, little girls want to practice the grown up game as we all did to copy what they see us do each morning as we prepare for our day. Although, the look isn't quite right somehow. It is so cute however, as they pride themselves on what they determine is perfection and model the look with such grace. This we accept as we relate it to their age. However, I still see girls in the tween stage that are using makeup to look older and it is worn so harsh and strong with accentuated eye liners, heavy mascaras and lipsticks, it literally looks like they painted chocolate on their mouths. They are literally hiding their natural beauty instead of showing it off. These young ladies would greatly benefit from either an older peer or from (how we said it) a “with it” mom.

I have discovered moms of my generation are still learning about mineral makeup when they call me for assistance. It is such simple stuff to use and moms you don’t have to fear your girls are growing up too fast since we all know and remember this is the ritual and the right of passage from young girl to young adult we all go through. Rather than fight it, join her since if you help her with her purchases of makeup, it can be a bonding experience for both of you, and you can share in the fun of selecting her favorites....maybe pick up a few for yourself in the process. I can further assist you by providing tips on my page and it will show you how truly simple it is to use our minerals. In fact mineral cosmetics are easier to use than the standard makeup found in the market today. Also we will be producing You Tube videos soon, to show further the many ways our products can be used to achieve that perfect look. Feel confident in the knowledge that you aren’t helping her put goop on her face but helping her with her self esteem by achieving a naturally enhanced look while keeping her young skin healthy and free from chemicals. And don’t forget the sun protection they can offer.

As I learned, we can’t stick our heads in the sand and simply hope most of what we see today will just go away. With MTV, You Tube, Face Book, My Space becoming the surrogate parent, your daughter will certainly get her ideas from somewhere, so wouldn’t you like it to be from you? What a fun way to spend quality time with our daughters, a ritual I only wish I had had with my own mother.

Have a great weekend and Good Luck U.S.A at the 2008 Olympics. Big Cheer! ;~D

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