Friday, August 1, 2008

FDA Globalization Act Follow Up

Hello everyone,

My post is going to be brief today since I have been extremely busy with working as liason for Idaho to our states Congressmen and Senators. I along with other "Indie" business women are working feverishly to do our part to block the FDA Globalization Act of 2008 discussion draft by writing to our representatives, meeting with representatives at the Committee of Energy and Commerce on August 5th 2008, and strongly voicing our opposition to the Act through petitions and internet blogging to reach as many consumers as we can to help them understand what is happening to their rights as will be dictated by our government.

Instead today, I am going to post links to others within the beauty and cosmetic industry that have shown their disdain to this proposed legislation. The entities (wolves) under the guise of consumer protection agencies (sheeps clothing) are out to literally sabotage the working efforts of those (small independent companies) that truly wish to bring you healthier skin care products separate from the big box companies. We want you, the consumer to keep your right to choose.

The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics is one of those that wish to do harm to us since they are directly opposed to our position and clearly have an agenda that is not in favor of choice or small business. I have rethought my endorsement of this entity along with other Indie companies expressing same. Smaller Boutique Companies are literally the backbone of their organization, yet I have since learned, they are using our companies who signed the compact to support their petition without revealing the scope of their intention.

This is unfortunate since Sterling Minerals Cosmetics is a "full disclosure" company and we only want the best for all consumers. We are and always will be a strong advocate for safer cosmetics. However with the arbitrary information available through their affiliation with the Environmental Working Group, the only safe thing to put on your face is water. According to them, everything else to some level is toxic or carcinogenic. What is a consumer to do?

These watchdog groups, however good their intentions may be, are creating undue paranoia without absolute and unequivocal proof of their claims. They don't reveal real life consumerism of products but safety claims based on industrial standards which occurs with extremely high exposure such as in manufacturing. Casual use of products show little to no support for these claims. Most statements contain a "may cause" claim.

Well, I know for a fact tobacco causes cancer and kills, yet it is not banned. Go figure! This is our government at work controlled and dictated by paid lobbyists that decide for us what is best for the consumer. It makes you think when you purchase from big box companies, how is your consumer dollar really being used?

Please leave comments at any of these blogs since your opinion very much matters. Become a growing effort to educate yourselves to understand and stop this legislation in its' tracks.

Thank you and have a wonderful weekend! We value your support!

Follow links or google about this legislation and you will find it dominates the search engines:

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