Monday, July 21, 2008

A Little Break With Some Competitive Spirit!

Well, my husband and I just returned from a long weekend spent in Moscow Idaho for a bit of cooler weather and R&R. We have spent more than 30 years living in Idaho and this was the first time visiting this lovely place. It is the home of the University of Idaho. It is a peaceful mountain town and has some of the friendliest people you would want to meet. During this time of year many businesses close up until the town of only 22,000 explodes by double at the start of each college term which I understand becomes a culturally diverse and more of an electric experience full of life and atmosphere of youth and activity. Main Street is truly the epicenter of Moscow and is quaint with charm and an abundance of trees. The food was very good and plenty of it. The weather was moderate with a definite chill as the sun sets. They average temperatures between 15 to 20 degrees cooler in the summer months than in the Treasure Valley where we are located. Winter time the weather is even more brutal with more snow than I care to live in. When falling down becomes a major component in my life and preventing broken bones, I prefer temperate climates as I grow older.

While there, my husband and I were lending a cheer to our friends' grandson who was playing in the regional championship little league games. They were called the 9'ers due to their ages. They did a wonderful job and gave the older little leaguers a run for their money and kept their games so close, always within a one point spread. I had forgotten what it felt like to feel the competitive spirit of one of our greatest past times. The little ones also make it so much fun compared to watching the pros. So many of them have adopted the mannerisims of the pros and it was comical to watch with their hand signals, their approach to home plate with the bat swinging wildly as they warm up, planting their toe and leaning into the pitch. They even had the "spitting all over the place" thing down..... a true group of mini Willy Mays'.

The 6 hour drive up and back was gorgeous and the return to hot weather is a pleasure. I enjoy banana belt temperatures, but Moscow will always be endeared to my heart as the most beautiful, friendliest little town I have visited in quite a long time.

Thanks Moscow for the hospitality....Cheers! ;~)

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