Thursday, July 3, 2008

Don’t forget Your Décolleté

As summer defines itself with hotter days and we spend more time out by the barbeque, we find ourselves stripping down to the bare essentials of clothing to get relief from the heat. Even as I grow older I still enjoy wearing professionally designed low cut shirts or a sexy camisole with a sheer top shirt. However, this part of the body is quite tender and can burn very easily. We also can get creases and fine lines in our breast area due to how women are built and this can emphasize our age. So just like my face, I am diligent in not only protecting this area from sunburn but I also want this area to appear younger looking as well.

Mineral makeup is great for this. After I moisturize thoroughly and I apply my face makeup and buff clear down onto my delicate neck area, I then proceed to apply a nice layer to my décolleté. It evens out blotchiness from years of sun damage and reduces the appearance of the fine lines I have accumulated over those same years. I even place a touch of minerals on my shoulders to make the blending of my minerals complete.

The results are fantastic! My skin is even, sun-kissed, protected from the sun, and appears more youthful as the refractive properties of the minerals cast light away from the lines, removing the shadow effect they can have.

So ladies, when applying your mineral makeup, don’t forget in the summer months to enhance your décolleté with a sheer layer of mineral powders. You’ll be amazed at how nice the overall finished look will be. Also indulge yourself by buffing a bit of bronzer over this area for a beautiful sexy shimmer which looks oh so natural.

Have a Safe and Happy 4th of July and enjoy that long weekend!

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