Friday, May 9, 2008

Skin Cancer Revisited.....Efudex Treatment!

About 7 years back my husband and I both were treated for precancerous skin cells and slow growing cancer cells that were beginning to appear on certain areas of our faces. In particular, above the eyebrows, nose, cheeks and the temple areas, mainly the side which is exposed to the drivers’ side window.

The doctor prescribed a chemotherapy cream called Efudex which attacked the bad cells and restored normal growth of our skin. The treatment lasted about 2 weeks and in this time the skin becomes inflamed, irritated, raw, weepy, crusty, and quite painful toward the tail end of the 2 weeks. You can barely touch your skin and while the skin sloughs off, washing your face becomes torture. In fact, the regimen can be so uncomfortable we opted to treat our faces in stages rather than our entire faces in one treatment. We chose the Efudex due to lower risk of scarring as compared to liquid nitrogen treatments.

Here are some sample pictures of the different levels of treatment depending on how much sun damage you have. As shown here, Efudex only attacks the abnormal skin cells and leaves normal ones’ alone. Despite the painful and prolonged treatment, the benefit of not injuring normal skin cells makes this the treatment of choice for many patients and doctors. Photos are provided by the Skin Cancer Foundation. Visit their website for more information at

Not only is the treatment extremely uncomfortable in terms of pain but can be a traumatic experience, especially for women. While enduring the cancer treatment in order to restore the damaged skin back to normal, it can destroy confidence and reduce self esteem while the changes are taking place. People tend to stare or ask questions. I could barely look at myself in the mirror as well. This was the time period I learned about mineral makeup and how it would serve my needs to help to conceal, while my skin healed at the same time without further irritation and discomfort. Some mineral cosmetics helped, most exacerbated the condition causing more itchiness and scaling.

My products were actually created out of need to deal with the sun damage I was facing and also due to not being able to find something that truly worked to the level of total soothing coverage. I knew despite the problems with other brands, mineral makeup was an important factor in maintaining good skin health. It truly was a miracle for my skin once I developed the perfect formula that not only helped my skin to look good, but provided great coverage while soothing inflamed skin helping my skin to recover in less than half the time as treatments prior without further itchiness or irritation. Plus during the treatment when the skin is so tender, I didn’t need to worry if all my mineral powder was removed like chemical formulations since it was made strictly with ingredients comprised of natural minerals and soothing botanicals known for their use in Ayurvedic Medicine today. No one could tell my skin was undergoing any treatment so I felt confident when I went out in public. This meant the world to me, especially in business.

Recently, my husband has been faced yet again with another treatment regimen of Efudex since symptoms have reoccurred on the temple side of his face and the redness and inflammation became embarrassing and painful. Since I wear my minerals everyday, I have not had a re-occurrence, but my husband has not been so diligent. In fact he resorted to facial sun screens, which now are a concern for me after doing research about the chemicals absorbing UV radiation and how they can be causing free radical damage to the skin through this process.

My husband decided to use my mineral makeup on the areas he was treating, and he was simply amazed at the level of natural looking coverage and how they brought instant relief to the erythema which was causing a burning sensation and made it almost impossible for him to touch his skin. With light, gentle application, the skin stopped itching and burning, the erythema calmed down, and allowed him to endure the treatment without the usual pain that accompanies it. Also since my mineral makeup is not a chemical sunscreen it did not sting the raw areas where it was applied. Plus he enjoyed the added bonus of no one being the wiser.

His treatment is over now and his skin literally healed within a week of discontinuing the cream. The minerals not only helped him get through it, but acted as a catalyst to faster healing time with minimal scarring due to not causing any additional irritation. Even though I have not had another occurrence, my faith in my mineral cosmetics was renewed and proven when I witnessed my husband reap the benefits from one of my formulas. He is truly a believer now also and wears the foundation powders everyday. The powders are so discreet, not a single person can even tell he has anything on. And this is very important when it comes to most men who do not wish to be pretentious. Most men are willing to live with the battle scars that life puts on our faces, but when it comes to discomfort most of them want as little pain as possible, as we all do.

So ladies, it may be up to you to help your man to understand the benefits of mineral powders, and their ability to soothe skin and combat against further sun damage. If you can get them past the thought that men shouldn't and don't wear makeup, and perhaps promote it more as a powder which makes their skin appear normal again, once tried, they too will be sold and hooked on how much younger and healthier looking their skin will be. As we all know women are the nurturers and we are the ones that typically help our loved ones take care of themselves. Men with the indestructible thinking, usually results in their downfall to poor health. So it is left up to us to look after them and see that they take care of themselves.

Pass it along….the man in your life will not regret it and love you for it! 

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  1. Sounds like something I wish I had tried. I just went through Efudex treatment which is just as bad as you described. I would be very interested n hearing from anyone else who used your product during Efudex treatment.