Friday, April 18, 2008

Get Out The Bronzer! Best Bronzer For Your Skin Tone.

Ahhh, the warm weather is closing in and as I begin to soak up the suns’ warmth and work in my yard, I am getting a bit of color on the exposed areas of my body, including my chest, shoulders and neck area. My face is lighter than the rest of me since I constantly keep my minerals on my face. Rather than expose my already sun damaged face to more sun, I just reach for my Bronzer to begin to bring my face up to the level of the rest of my gradually darkening skin. I love this time of year when I can add the sunkissed look of healthy looking skin. You too can enjoy the look of health and vitality with the subtle warmed essence of our Bronzers.

They work wonders since they apply so sheer without heaviness in any one area. I can just gradually add layers until I achieve the level of color I desire. Using the correct brush is also vital for placing color with precision. I just love my Large Rounded Face brush for the sheerest application. I enjoy Copper Rose Bronzer the best since my skin tends to be a reddish brown in summer months. Sunny Rose is nice during the winter months for a healthy, pretty, natural glow it gives my skin. Golden Rose is perfect for women with golden caramel tanned skin.

What I love so much about Bronzers is, until I require deepening my actual foundation shade to adjust to my darkening skin, they are ideal for shifting a color just a bit or when ready, for adding to my favorite foundation shade for a subtle tanned effect. No glitter or sparkle, just a nice sheer healthy warmed glow.

Sterling Minerals offers 3 shades of Bronzer: Copper Rose, Golden Rose, and Sunny Rose. Check them out to see which shade best suits your skin tone. Our silken Bronzers are economical and will last a long time, and you need so very little to achieve perfection. Wear them alone or over your foundation. They have a nice level of anti-inflammatory Zinc Oxide, and are Titanium Free for the sheerest in application.

Try a sample of your own today!

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