Friday, May 16, 2008

Is All Mineral Makeup The Same?

When it comes to mineral makeup foundation, I definitely made the rounds in trying to figure out which one would work the best for my skin. Through a whole lot of testing, I discovered there wasn’t much difference between the many mineral makeup brands I tried. I usually found most mineral cosmetics had the same ingredients in them over and over, yet some would have a different texture..... How could this be?.... Same ingredients on the label, yet they felt different and my face reacted differently with them. I would itch, get acne and dry scaly patches, or the mineral cosmetic would literally slide off of my face. Some of the colors were really bad as well.

I decided to begin my research on the ingredients used, and discussed in great length with cosmetic professionals in the industry what the heck was going on with these different mineral makeup products? It was after much research and sampling different individual ingredients, did I only then, come to the realization what was happening to my skin when I used similar products. To my delight I learned that all mineral makeup is not created equal and there was definitely room for improvement.

Even though most mineral makeup ingredient labels read the same way, I discovered early on Bismuth Oxychloride was a big problem for my skin and many other women as well. So I knew this ingredient could not be in my makeup regimen. I also came to realize that most of the minerals were coated with various types of film formers, binders and silicone oils. This is what made the texture different and why some caused my skin to behave weirdly and would feel quite creamy, yet the coatings were not listed on the ingredient label. These coatings were simply blocking my pores, which was also giving me acne outbreaks, and why my makeup looked melted by the end of the day, or in some cases within just a few short hours. So I learned that I had to ask about some of these coatings to make sure they were not in the mineral makeup I used. Then I had to figure out once all of these problematic ingredients were removed from whatever current product line I was trying, why my face was still scaly and itchy?

This is when I learned mica was also a problem for my sensitive skin. Coated or un-coated micas, or creamy textured minerals, it didn’t matter since this ingredient in high doses caused my skin to react terribly with itching and scaly patches on my face. This ingredient also exacerbated my skin cancer treatments further. In fact, the problem areas I wanted to conceal were actually accentuated since these mica based formulas would slip into my fine lines, made the areas treated on my skin stand out, turn my acne cystic, show off my pores and even change color, usually turning my skin ashen or orange. What was up with that? At that time……color me confused! I spent countless dollars anywhere from the high end to discounted mineral cosmetics, and it didn’t matter how much each product line was, I always had the same reaction. I investigated some more and discovered that many companies are getting their mineral makeup from the same manufacturers and simply placing their own label on them. Another reason why changing companies did not work! Despite the explosion of mineral cosmetics onto the market, only a small handful of companies formulate their own mineral cosmetics, and of these few, some of them also will mass produce for private label.

Commercialized mineral cosmetics are even worse. Most drug store name brands have jumped on the mineral makeup bandwagon and along with their enterprising idea, they have included all the harmful gunk you find in liquid or chemically based formulations. Preservatives, chemicals, dyes, and just overall unnecessary ingredients that don't have a thing to do with true mineral makeup. What's the point? Unfortunately, teenagers are a strong target share of the market and are susceptible to their marketing tactics, and maybe purchasing these mass produced products thinking mineral makeup is all the same without giving another thought to checking the ingredient list. Another argument for research in order to offer mineral cosmetics made with the highest standards in care and formulation. My own daughter is a huge part of my life and her health and well being are important to me so she too has been educated on the differences of mineral makeup ingredients.

So, after all of my own research and money spent, I knew there had to be a better way. So I decided to restart my chemistry 101 from my college days and investigate putting together a formula that would work for my own skin. I was determined to create a mineral makeup formula that would not only do the job of aiding in healing and hiding facial imperfections, but would also not cause more distress to an already super sensitive skin type like myself.

Some of my first batches were like thick cake flour with poor dispersion. It felt heavy on, too. Not exactly the look I was going for. In fact it literally looked like I had put flour all over my face instead of a fine makeup since I was creating my base first without pigment. Pigment was secondary to me. It was more important that the mineral makeup base had perfect slip with excellent adhesion creating a smooth veil of silken, flawless coverage while doing its’ job at soothing and calming the skin without irritation or a caked on appearance. Once I had accomplished this task, color theory began and my pigments for my minerals were created...... Perfecting natural looking skin tones for all ethnicities.

After 2 years of trial and error, I came up with a wonderful skin healthy, skin friendly mineral cosmetic line that would truly be different and unique, not like any other minerals sold on the market today, and I simply had to share my formulation with others.

Are my ingredients in my mineral makeup line innovative
Not really, they have been around for many years.

Is my mineral makeup line different?
Yes, since I control the formulas and they are not mass produced for private label. They are my formulas unique to my company.

Composition and ratios are what make a formula unique and the ability to create a mineral makeup, which through a proprietary blend, brings relief and excellent results to enhance skin healing, skin softness and beauty.

Are mineral cosmetics all created equal?
Many women think they are and until recently they pretty much were all the same. However not anymore.....even though I utilize the same un-coated, non-micronized essential minerals to provide an additional level of sun protection and aid in healing skin inflammations, I have taken the extra step by blending them with botanicals and other minerals that go beyond concealment, and will also aid in healing and prevention of skin problems, not add to them. I have removed the hidden offenders that were coating the essential minerals, and removed potential irritants such as Bismuth Oxychloride, used improved ingredients while reducing ratios on some ingredients (ie; sericite mica) and increased ratios on others that would provide a holistic healing benefit to the skin. This is what makes the proprietary blend of of my products so different from all other brands. I didn’t just tweak an existing basic formula, but truly developed an individual cosmetic formulation yet to be duplicated. My company is also a full disclosure company, listing every ingredient used in my mineral cosmetics.

With the use of our minerals, you may very well experience a remarkable difference in your skin health.

Have a terrific weekend! Sun is shining and it is going to be hot in beautiful Idaho....whoo hoo! ;~D

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