Friday, April 11, 2008

Ran Screaming From The Store......Not Really!

I live in a rapidly growing community of Boise, the beautiful city of trees, which is part of the Treasure Valley of Idaho. Our city has been listed number 6 as one of the best 10 cities to live according to Forbes Magazine. As we see this growth continue, there are many more choices available for the consumer in the way of restaurants, shopping, hotels, quality of life, outdoor sports, and industry for the entrepreneur who wants to take advantage of our growth. I thoroughly love living here even though growth has caused some headaches in the way of traffic congestion, having to deal with wait times at local restaurants, or even getting into see your own doctor that you have gone to for 20+ years. Growing pains experienced by many but in the long run it is good for everyone, especially those in business! We have definitely reaped the benefits of growth, not only with Sterling Minerals Cosmetics, but with my husband who is a builder in the Treasure Valley. USA Today just wrote an article about the bright future of our lovely Boise and the great potential it has to offer to those wishing to move here and share in the lifestyle. The commerce growth is unbelievable!

One store we most recently acquired based on this massive growth, was Sephora in our Towne Square Mall. I watched this store become a reality over the past few months waiting for it to open in anticipation to see what all the hoop-la was about in regards to cosmetics and perfumes. After it had been open for about 2 weeks, I decided to venture in with my husband to check out all the displays of mineral makeup companies and the like. The lay out was fabulous and the lighting was excellent; however, as I got a closer look at the displays, a chill went up my spine. My husband and I quickly wound our way through the aisles until we just had to exit without further adieu. I literally wanted to scream and snatch myself bald headed.

While in there we observed that every sample display had been touched, smeared, mauled and nearly destroyed by the many testers who tried on these products in less than 2 weeks time. The products for purchase were smeared and marred by the fingers that had just been handling the samples since they were all covered in makeup, minerals, and pigments from people picking them up and putting them back again. It was a mess!

This made what I see at department stores pale by comparison. Although fresh lip wands and eye wands were provided for women to try at every display, I saw mainly young women using their fingers, and older gals using the wands as though they were privy to this somehow being the more sanitary, however, they were double dipping into these pots of bacteria after they touched their mouth or around their eyes. Also, color displays were at a height of where a toddler can reach and women allowed their children to paw at the products. (Little hands are oh so very clean as we all know!) The lip glosses were smeared and imprinted with fingertips and rubbed across the display grids. This was probably the most unsanitary condition of makeup displays I have ever witnessed.

I understand cosmetic companies wanting people to sample before buying, but at what expense to our health are they offering this convenience? Private cosmetic companies are doing it correctly. Providing individual sampling under sanitary conditions or through the guidance of a spa, salon, or dermatologist where they must practice similar control of these conditions.

I wrote 2 articles on "Swapping Cosmetics" and "Cosmetic Counters....the Unseen Danger!" about the ramifications of such practices. After what I saw, I could not even bring myself to touch any of the unopened jars since they were not mutually exclusive from the handling by many.

I would go for the individual freshly wrapped samples everytime. Even several commercial brands of cosmetics you can find at your local drugstore are now offering individual samples for purchase, and my hat is off to these brands for recognizing the hygiene needed in this industry since the FDA won't mandate restrictions on sampling requirements.

After that horrifying experience, my husband and I headed for our local coffee bar so I could get my Mocha Latte fix and to calm my unsettled nerves. ;~P......Isn’t that an oxymoron? After a few sips, the experience simply faded from my memory. I notice this gets easier as I head into menopause, but that's another story!

Sometimes “ignorance is bliss” can be so true. Here’s to bliss! :~* (smooches)

Have a great weekend!

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