Monday, December 2, 2013

Avoid The Insanity And Enjoy Our Holiday Free Gift Promotion

Insanity At The Ready

Here we are again!  Holidays have arrived and the time to shop is definitely shorter than last year.  There should never be stress when shopping.  Yet watching from afar on the local tv stations and youtube postings, it astounds me the way some people behave all around the country just to grab their free gift with purchase, resorting to shoving, pushing, cussing, tasering and downright brawling against another human being.....woo hoo....Merry Christmas!

The spirit of the season seems to be lost on many and maybe it is just me, but there just seems to be so much insane anger in pursuit of that presumption of a good deal.  Unfortunately, many marketing experts have declared that most of the so called deals are available throughout the holidays and the joke is on us.

Personally, I shop from the heart when searching for that special gift for someone and relish this time of year for truly feeling at peace and full of joy, never wanting my holiday to be filled with a feeling of dread.  So join me and do your shopping on line and avoid the insanity.

Love My Customers All Year Long

Be relaxed, sip your cup of herbal tea and have your mouse at the ready to shop with us.  No waiting, no fighting, and no dealing with grumpy crowds.  

As you all know I have free gift offers year round for any customer that wishes to take advantage of them.

However, during this time of year in keeping with the spirit of the season and in gratitude to my loyal ladies and those that are new to my company, Sterling Minerals, I would love to give each and everyone of you that wishes to take advantage of my Holiday Promo, some wonderful FREE gifts to enjoy for yourself or share with a family member or friend. 

Unlike the many other deadlines being promoted for cyber Monday, my FREE gift offer will continue throughout the Holidays while supplies last.  If we do run out of something in the free offer, we will substitute it with something else equally enjoyable and will update our Holiday Gift page accordingly.

So come one, come all and share in the LOVE this holiday season, and I would like to wish each and everyone a Joyous Holiday.


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