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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome And How To Recover From It

Not Considered An Autoimmune Disease, But Certainly Acts Like One

Anyone who suffers from an autoimmune disease, definitely knows it is not in their head, but a real condition they feel throughout their entire body.  It can be debilitating and insidious creating frustration when trying to get a diagnosis from the medical community.

According to the American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association, over 25 million Americans suffer some type of an autoimmune disease, yet I feel the number is much higher since there are some that are not considered autoimmune diseases, such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia.

I personally, would beg to differ as someone who experienced the debilitating results firsthand of such a disease (syndrome), and I am sure other women suffering would also argue this point.  Women especially are plagued with these since the onset is closely related to their childbearing years.  Men, children and the elderly can also suffer, but the ratios are higher among women. 

As a person who suffered and was finally diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome in my early 30's after having 2 children myself, it was then I could perhaps do something to fight my way back to recovery.  What is also interesting, it seems that having a seasonal flu can be the catalyst that triggers the onset of CFS.

What It Was Like

When It began it was just a feeling of being tired mostly, until it gained momentum within my body.  It then turned into a frightening experience for me and my husband.

I continued to suffer as it progressed from a low grade fever, to loss of appetite, weight loss, paleness to the extreme, hypersomnia, memory loss, fuzzy cognitive thinking, increased muscle fatigue and soreness.  At one point it got so bad I slept all day, everyday to the point my hubby could barely raise my awareness.  He had to take and retrieve the kids from school and prepare all the meals.  After about a month of no improvement, my hubby truly believed I was dying and frankly so did I.  

It resonated finally that this was more than just the flu and we began our search in finding doctors who were familiar with autoimmune disorders....remembering now, this was still an area of few identifiable incidences since it was only 1990.  We found an endocrinologist through my primary care physician since she knew I was definitely suffering from something, yet blood tests did little to tell us anything except for white cell count and by process of elimination of other diseases.   

Once Diagnosed I Had To Find My Own Cure

The endocrinologist provided the summary of my symptoms and what they were related to and he could only give me it seemed, simple instructions about diet, exercise and rest.  He also advised that once I get over this I can continue to have flares of the condition if I ever overdo or have stress in my life....they related CFS to a type of offshoot from Epstein Barr Syndrome which was likened to a type of virus.  Essentially making CFS a long running virus instead of being a true autoimmune disease.

Basically, CFS seems to remain within our bodies similar to herpes and will rear its head if I am foolish enough to participate in life causing another recurrence.  I had two small children, a husband and a life to pursue of great things out in the future.  So I was on my own since my appetite was nil and physical activity was impossible in my current state.  But as always....there is a light at the end of this very dark tunnel.

An Angel Walks Into My Life

I fortunately met a registered nurse through the process of diagnosis that believed in homeopathy and nutritional healing and was the beginning of my journey that brings me full circle of the philosophy I encourage today with Sterling Minerals and ONATI Skin Care.

She introduced me to a program that I am normally quite skeptical about, but in my condition I was desperate to try anything.  That is when she introduced me to SHAKLEE products. 

Now allow me to preface this with I am not an independent distributor for Shaklee, nor am I getting any type of residual income as some type of affiliate.  I am totally a BELIEVER giving you testimony about my own personal experience and recovery through the use of Shaklee products.  My nurse did not try to sell me everything under the sun or get me to sign up, she really believed in these products as a nurse and saw my misery only to reach out to me and provide some relief. 

A lot of doctors belittle homeopathy, yet they couldn't offer me a thing except rest and eat a proper diet....and since I was a hypersomniac and couldn't eat, then I was destined to suffer until whenever?

My Healing Begins And Ends Happily

My nurse kept it very simple.  The core products I used were Shaklee protein powders and I took their vitamin B complex since back then we were on a limited budget so these were the premiere formulas to give me the best advantage.  But the generosity of my nurse was beyond her showing the path, she provided bulk discounts to me so I could continue to regain my strength.   It was after about 2 weeks of religiously taking my prescribed regimen that I found new energy and was well on my way to recovery.  My muscles stopped hurting and my fatigue faded over time.  It only continued to improve over the next several months.

Although I don't feel I was completely cured for about the next 10 years, since on occasion if I had periods of high stress infused into my life, I would have mild bouts of my chronic fatigue syndrome that would lay me out for a couple of days.  But with Shaklee I bounced back much faster and had fewer bouts over time.  

I eventually had no more attacks, so at which point I felt cured of my CFS, finally.  It has been more than 15 years now since I have had any bouts of fatigue so like my doctors told me, CFS will suddenly leave my body as quick as it invaded.  But through my research, some have it the rest of their life, but most seem to recover after a period of 10 yrs of problems.  Fortunately, I fell into the latter category.

Why I Share This Story

I have been healthy for the most part for quite some time now, except for the oddball affliction that would co-habitate my body know... menopause, blood clot in lung, parvo virus and such, and it can get only get weirder when it comes to my life.  

I lost all contact with my nurse as we moved into another city, and since time healed all, I no longer felt the need to continue using my Shaklee products, however that was also a different time with fewer health products offered.  Yet, I still felt it was important to tell this story since I am meeting women through my current business suffering from a variety of autoimmune diseases who are frustrated and lonely in their pain.  And as is the case with some autoimmune diseases, they effect skin health as well and our products can help them with this.

As we expand and reach out to so many women through Sterling Minerals it just so happens I have met another angel in the belief of healing and staying healthy, naturally.   

Allow Me To Introduce To You

Rosemary Carinci of Bella Minerali who joined the Sterling Minerals family and is one of our resellers in the New York area of our mineral makeup products.  But her love of health doesn't stop at being skin deep.  She believes in the whole package from the inside out.  She too knows the benefits of the Shaklee products and is an independent distributor.  

Rosemary can help any woman or man that is suffering similar circumstances.  It is clear that Shaklee has far improved beyond the basics of simple nutrition since my days of healing, just browsing the many incredible diverse products they offer today.  It is also about the bio-availability of ingredients which Shaklee seemed to had mastered ahead of its time and continues today.  So who better to walk you through all of their wonderful, expanded nutritional product line than Rosemary herself.

You can find Rosemary at this SHAKLEE web address and contact her for assistance on your road to regaining a healthy body the natural and simple way.  Besides all of that, Rosemary is just GOOD people!

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