Thursday, July 15, 2010

Your Opinion Matters!

Trying To Avoid Burnout

As I sit her pondering away about today's article, staring at my keyboard, I sometimes am reminded to be careful to avoid burnout by my fellow beauty industry friends.

I truly love writing my articles and getting down to the crux of issues, however, in doing this in most cases, it leaves very little time for myself.

Combined with keeping my business growing and running smoothly, answering the important emails by customers, staying in the forefront of government regulation, and creating something new and interesting each week for my loyal readers, can be a challenge....but I do love a challenge...always have.

As most of you know, many of my articles are quite involved and take a ton of research on my part in order to bring the facts as I find them, to you. And as has been the pattern of late, much of my articles seem to be running together over industry issues, such as EWG, Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, FDA and government and lobbyists trying to change the playing field in terms of cosmetic manufacturers.

The problem is trying to keep these issues from controlling the context of my articles. It almost feels like on a daily basis, I am getting notifications within my network of associates, that some new legislation is being drafted and the negative impact it will not only have on small businesses, but our industry as a whole.

So of course I wish to make my customers and readers aware of this since it is customers voices which also need to be heard when it comes to their choices in personal care products. It should always be about "choice".

Feels Like Beating A Dead Horse

Of course much of what I write is newsworthy and needs to be disseminated to the public to fight back the rhetoric and scare tactics being used by the unscrupulous and to always provide the science instead of the fiction. However, I also feel as though I am sacrificing my creative side, sense of humor, and simplicity by not writing about the articles which I truly enjoy bringing to all of you. And of course, I never want to contribute to reader apathy!

Sometimes I feel that if I don't bring out the latest things happening which can affect all of us, I am being remiss in my duties of keeping you just feels like it is the same battle day in and day out. It can be all consuming and all so "serious", like a dark cloud looming overhead!

So Your Opinion Matters!

Many of you write to me via the RSS feed or email and share your opinions, and though support is overwhelming for what I do bring to the table, I am also concerned about those that may not write to me, but may be feeling the tone of my articles are becoming too political when it comes to beauty.

And, believe me, I feel this way at times, as though the "fun" has left my articles, and it has been smothered by negative jargon....but then again this just may be me, and every one of you are content with what I offer each week.

Then there are the days when I am fired up with passion and renewed vigor with a sense of purpose to take a stand against those that wish to harm our industry, until I step outside onto my patio and listen to singing finches and sip my coffee to sounds of the waterfall within my garden.....aahh, the dark cloud is lifted like the sun rises over a tranquil sandy beach, casting a warmth and reflective glow over the ocean. (My Happy Place)

A small problem I face.... I have in my mind a great, fun, interesting article to write about, only to have it get set aside yet again due to some new threat of legislation, or a perfunctory of more disinformation getting spread like wildfire throughout the internet.

Is It Just Me?

What I decided to do is place a Poll which is completely anonymous within the Skin Care Guide and it is in the upper right hand corner of the side margin, asking what articles you prefer and you can choose more than one. So your "Vote" counts and will help me decide at what level and direction I should take when writing future articles.

This would also really help me to determine if I am just experiencing my "dark cloud" moment, or if this is also how my readers feel.

I write for you and your opinion does matter! So please take the time, if you would, and log your vote for your favorite types of articles, or if you'd rather, writing to me will also work. Click Here to take you directly to my Skin Care Guide to vote now!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. Katherine, I see by voting and viewing the results of the poll many, many are like me and wish to be kept informed about the issues you are facing in keeping your company within the guidelines that have been created by the "powers that be". I want to be informed, but I also enjoy the tips, the YouTube videos, tips and news about changing things at Sterling Minerals like the nw foundation containers ( which I love). Any chance of getting these into the blush and eyehsadows as well, they make application so much easier as some of use more foundation than others and on certain days I may use a lighter hand, so am able to easily adjust for that. Thanks for all YOu do for all of us! You have the voice, you are articulate, your articles are clear and concise, keep on speaking out and we'll keep reading!
    Kathie B kathie @ all-creatures dot com

  2. Thanks Kathie,

    And yes the sifters will eventually be integrated into all mineral makeup products except sample sizes.

    And by watching the poll slowly eek up, it is clear that I need to break up the articles since the numbers are looking pretty even.

    So this is a good indicator that "yes" the informative articles are great but clearly, I need to space them out a bit....however, I kinda knew this in my gut, because frankly I get tired of all the industry changes, and my readers are confirming it through their emails to me.

    In fact, just was notified again last night that something new is being presented to the FDA globalization act...not sure yet if it is a positive or negative thing...we shall see!

    Thanks for the support Kathie!