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Keeping Your Cool This Summer And The Talc Controversy!

Hot Under The Collar

When enjoying the hot weather, it definitely has a side effect of heavier perspiration causing abrasion of clothing against sweating skin, whereby becoming sticky and causing related heat rashes and blocked pores. Some of us suffer from additional pronounced acne on parts of our body where it just shouldn't be.

Keeping our faces clean, especially after exercise, is key to keeping acne reduced since perspiration can lead to acne outbreaks due to congestion of pores. Mineral makeup of course can help to curb this by wearing it while exercising. It will absorb excess perspiration and leave the skin cooler, and works all day until you wash it off.

But for helping with our body parts, we often need to do more than just shower and use antiperspirants.

The Not So Obvious

Now for the parts of the body that can also suffer during our hottest summer months which are finally upon us.

The area under our bras (sports bra), between our thighs, back of our knees, underarms, under the elastic in our underwear, or simply in the folds of our skin, especially skin that now sags as we get older. Something I am currently enjoying at this stage of my life.

When these areas perspire and no air is allowed to circulate, especially under the bosom where sports bras or under wire bras rest, it can become the next breeding ground for forming fungal and acne issues. Literally, moisture is held in this area for extended periods of time causing problems for the skin and the consequence is painful little pimples to also becoming cystic. Something I also am now dealing with.

Showering is great for getting and keeping these areas clean, but it only takes a single bout of perspiration to begin the process of the endless cycle of acne or a fungal infection.

My Secret Weapon

The best thing I have found during this time of year of enjoying hot weather, working out in my yard or doing some sort of outdoor activity, such as golf, bike riding, or taking my walk, is using a powder that is not only cooling upon application (menthol), but offers slip (dry lubrication), absorbing properties and assists with inflammation (zinc oxide). What you'll find on the label:

Gold Bond Website

Active Ingredients: Menthol (0.15%), Zinc Oxide (1%)

Inactive Ingredients: Talc, Acacia, Eucalyptol, Methyl Salicylate, Salicylic Acid, Thymol, Zinc Stearate (227-073)

Gold Bond Medicated Powder has been around for ages yet is generally overlooked due to so many choices on the market, and it does not fall into the beauty category.

It's name is not fact it almost sounds industrial or medical....Gold Bond Medicated Powder.

It's packaging is nothing special as it sits among other medications for feet and fungal problems, yet beckons for one to take a gander at its' less than attractive yellow container.

I have used this to assist my anti fungal creams and to prevent future breakouts, and for keeping my acne breakouts to a minimal on the parts of my body where air flow is nonexistent and perspiration is high. It has been especially useful for wearing under my sports bra when working out, or for all day wear after my shower in the areas of my body that are smothered with clothing. And the acne, which I was getting, is now stopped and the remainder is drying up and going no more itching under my bra....and the noticeable instant cooling sensation is quite pleasant when it comes in contact with hot or irritated skin.

So basically unless you are afforded the opportunity to run around naked, this is a great alternative for keeping your cool during the summer months.

Uh Oh! But It Contains Talc

Okay, we have probably all seen the scare mongers at work once again in regard to Talc. And I have done thorough research on this ingredient, and as it has been in the past for so many other maligned, natural or otherwise, ingredients, Talc is also an ingredient where there isn't any scientific study to show conclusively that it causes cancer in any form.

The American Cancer Society in regard to talc
Talc Studies and Research for cosmetic use
Clinical Studies On Therapeutic Use Of Talc

Perhaps in many years since past, when tiny fibers related to Asbestos could be found in mined talc, this is no longer the case. Talc in cosmetic products has all the toxic metals and asbestos fibers removed as required by law, and the link to Ovarian Cancer has not actually been proven valid. Plus the particle size utilized in personal care products is 5 microns or larger.

But, if you are a person wishing to err on the side of caution, then do not use it in the genital area. But to avoid it all together and the benefits it offers skin in silken slip versus using silicone derivatives for the same feel, in my opinion, is not warranted. I'll take Gold Bond Powder which utilizes the Talc for its moisture absorption properties and slip, any day of the week.

Although inhalation studies on rats showed a link to lung damage in different forms, this study does not extrapolate to humans. Plus, the study was conducted with rats being forced to inhale the talc for 6 hours a day for 2 let's see, is this the average use of the consumer?....

Let's get serious now! Again another over inflated study forcing high quantities onto the animal to show the (supposed) dangers. Chronic toxicity is more likely the cause based on aspiration overload on the rats. The same thing could happen to any of us including small children if we buried our faces in a pile of powder and sucked it in.....or one could drown also if we inhaled a bunch of water.

And unfortunately, those that spread the hyperbole of hysteria, yet again, are mainly spreading this lopsided information for their own marketing purposes, such as "all natural" products.

But wait a minute, Talc is "all natural" isn't it? "all natural" the best for us or not?

We are also looking at a single narrow study instead of the entire research which was actually performed in human studies as in the articles above, especially the one on Therapeutic uses.

Literally when I Google Talc, I cannot believe the repetitive titles of "Talc is bad", Talc is dangerous", "Talc causes cancer", etc. etc.

But once you filter through the rhetoric and find the deeply buried actual studies (since they are never at the top of the search engines) as I provided here, it is easy to get caught up in the scary side of this issue. Fear is emotion and emotion drives our ideals. So what better way to steer someone away from your competitor than by emoting fear in them?

Bottom Line

It is strictly a personal choice of course, but at least now you have the data and actual case studies to draw from instead of a bunch of hyperbole to rely on. And again, that is what is so great about this whole personal care products industry.....your right to choose among the many products available.

My sincerest hope is that we all choose based on the facts and not out of fear perpetuated by misguided and scientifically challenged bloggers, literally taking everything they see written by others, and regurgitate it into the endless flurry of unsubstantiated science.

Enjoy your weekend and stay cool! Woo hoo, now that is what I call keeping your cool!

This product was purchased and used by me and this is not a paid endorsement, but my own research based on the benefits I personally experienced.

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