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Sun Tan Swimwear & The Miracle Suit

Neat Discovery

As I was channel surfing the other day, I happened across a segment on the Rachael Ray Show where she had a dermatologist as her guest and was featuring swim suits with all the bells and whistles for the upcoming summer.

Needless to say I became fascinated with what is out on the market for keeping it simple and hopefully safe from the sun. Plus checking out the latest in swimsuit fashion also had me curious.

Getting Rid Of Tan Lines Without Losing Your Top

For women who still are die hard fans of getting their tan the natural way instead of a fake bake or spray on tan, there is a suit made by Cooltan Swimwear.

The unique patent-pending fabric used in Cooltan tan-through swimwear is made with a special knitting technology that creates millions of tiny pores in the fabric. These pores allow approximately half of the sun's light to pass through to approximately the same degree as a medium level sunscreen.

The model that tested the product said it worked remarkably well, however, she still did experience tan lines a bit where the fabric was rolled or double seamed such as in the straps and edges of the suit.

The Doctor warned that if not careful you will still get burned in these suits and to use a sunscreen when wearing it all day. Otherwise, when you take it off at the end of the day, you will be surprised to see a nasty burn. In his opinion, he only gave the suit an equivalent of SPF 6 to 8 based on testing and concurred with rating provided by the company. So precaution when wearing these suits is still very important in monitoring our level of sun exposure.

They also provide tan through clothing for not getting that Farmer's tan we see so many people sporting.

Hiding Those Pesky Flaws

Another suit that was demonstrated is known as the Miracle Suit for keeping everything in its' place and for helping to reshape and redefine our heavenly bodies.

They utilize a fabric called Miratex that basically sucks it all in and redistributes bumps and bulges through special sewing techniques and certain bra structure for complimenting our curves while providing comfortable support. Designs and patterns of fabrics are also utilized for camouflaging certain aspects of our bodies that have not held up so well over the years. They claim it will make our bodies look 10 lbs lighter with slimming attributes.

The one caveat they provide when purchasing their suits is they tend to run small than the typical suit you may buy.

They can be located at Bloomingdales, Bare Necessities, Zappos, Spiegel, and Eddie Bauer to name a few and of course you can purchase them online at all of these stores.

I took a peek at these suits and they really are quite flattering and the styles are modern and funky also. These are not your mothers' one piece suits!

My particular favorite is the Tankini, and have worn the version made by Victoria Secret which also had a boy short. Loved this suit and wore it out until I it was falling off of me. But this suit made by Miracle Suit, I find to be just my taste and appears to be very flattering to the body. The added bonus of a mini cover-up is also nice for hiding those flawed regions of our bum, hips and upper thighs.

UV Alert For Sun Safety Suits

How cool is this?....especially for kids. Canadian based LuvGear Protect Me Suits provide alerts for Cold, Heat and UV Levels. Originally created for children in mind they are now providing this protective gear for adult women and teens as well. They even have a maternity section.

Me personally, I am always getting that first year sunburn. However, this year I am going out of my way to make sure it doesn't happen by slathering on the sunscreen and wearing my mineral makeup always on my face, neck and decollete.

When they demonstrated this suit I thought this is innovation that is sustainable and so timely. The mom who tried it out on her 5 year old son, told a story of his enjoyment of participating in the monitoring of the suns rays while showing off the cool technology to his other friends. You can see the emblem above the leg opening on the right.

As we all know, we get to having fun in the sun and lose track of time, not realizing or remembering to keep that sunscreen on or to really know the level of UV rays during any given day. I wish they had something like this when my kids were little since they are also fair skinned, fair haired and blue eyed like their father and I. Making sure that sunscreen was always in place throughout their play day was all consuming. My kids would have loved this!

The patch on the suits are designed to change color as the UV rays intensify during the day, serving as a reminder to us to either get out of the sun or put our sunscreen on. They also provide some cool clothing for keeping it cool and protected while playing and enjoying our day.

These suits can be located at JC Penny, Target and Sears. You can also find them online.

Total UV Protection

Then of course there is the clothing and swimwear lines that provide superb UV protection from the sun all day and are available through many outlets including a multitude of online stores. Just simply Google UV Protective swimwear and you can have your choice.

Not only do these suits protect us, but they also protect the delicate eco-balance of coral reefs and sea life when going in the water other than a pool.

In fact many ecological oceanic parks such as one I visited while down in Playa Del Carmen called Xel-Ha, pronounced (shell hah), would not allow you to wear any chemical sunscreens due to them harming the delicate balance of the coral reefs. This was my very first experience at snorkeling and also is what turned into a past time for me on every vacation after that. It was literally like swimming in a pool with visibility over 200 ft. Incredible experience!

The park provided a water based sunscreen but the lasting time on these was maybe 30 minutes tops. Not much piece of mind during intense midday rays.

This is where swimwear geared toward not only protecting us, but will also protect the ocean, is a great product for those excursions we take on vacation, preserving our skin and our environment. Another reason to use mineral makeup where you can on your body since it really is extremely water resistant and you won't find it floating on water surfaces like a chemical sunscreen will. For this very reason and after seeing the amazing color and beauty of the sea world, I totally get it!

Just a small fact: Some of the best diving and snorkeling in the world are off of Indonesia and Thailand....just in case you were curious. Cayman Islands and Belize tie for second.

Enjoy The Start Of Your Summer!


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