Thursday, May 20, 2010

Personal Care Truth! No More Science Fiction!

Long Time In Coming

I am pleased to share with all of my readers a new site that has been launched in response to all the scaremongering, fear tactics and disinformation that has been strewn across the internet over the past decade. Much of which is created for the purposes of pushing more government control or to simply use it to promote a certain organic or natural product that the company wishes to purvey as being the next best thing since chicken soup.

My Gratitude

This site was created with the consumer in mind providing links to many agencies within the cosmetics industry, along with experts dedicated to sharing up to date information with the public in the way of informative articles. Apparently all my research and publication of those findings which I have been doing over the past several years has been recognized by others in my industry as well. I was extremely humbled and grateful when I also received an invitation to join this professional panel of experts to further share the research I have accumulated over the years and will continue to accumulate, since this is what I love to do. It is my sincerest hope this site will begin to lay some of the fears and paranoia to rest while providing an excellent resource center for getting down to the nitty gritty of it all. It is loaded with scientific research showing both sides of the equation on ingredients without bias or promotion of any kind, and creating an atmosphere of trust which hopefully consumers can rely on in the future.

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Great Panel

Personal Care Truth is the brainchild of Lisa Rodgers of Cactus & Ivy, and Kristin Cotte of Grapeseed Company, co-founders of this excellent website showing true dedication to their industry by creating such a well thought out and long awaited information center on personal care products.

I join my esteemed colleagues not only in the U.S., but also in the U.K. of which make up the panel of experts. It consists of manufacturers, chemists, scientists, herbalists and aromatherapists. They too have published many articles about falsehoods and made up science and have assisted in quashing government bills which try to remove the choice from the consumer based on little to no real scientific data. Colorado Personal Care Products Safety Act is a prime example. I look forward to many future collaborative efforts with all of them.

Those Opposed To The Idea

We as a group are aware of those that wish to accuse or try to convince the public that our industry is tainted and self regulated so looking at our research is one sided in favor of our products.

With that, I remind the skeptics that the groups who promote through fear are using Junk Science or No Science with this direct quote from Susan Roll, co-founder of the Campaign For Safe Cosmetics, as an example during the Colorado hearings:

"I'll tell you I'm not a scientist. I'm actually a social worker so I'm reading what you're reading and also trying to make some 'um' educated guesses about it, 'um' when we have chemicals that cause tumors in rats I think that it is okay to say we don't want those chemicals in consumer products. Do we have evidence that they are causing mammary tumors in humans?...... No, we just don't have that yet. We are not that far with the science....I wish I could say more. I wish I knew more of the science. I wish we had more science...I would just say that I think we have enough of the science that we need to make some steps towards safety."

"We can't wait for the science..if we wait for the "good" science we are going to be sick. I believe we should err on the side of caution to prevent further harm to the public."

We Care About All Consumers

I can assure my readers, those of us in the industry get it....and we want a healthier lifestyle like anybody would. It is not in our best interests to promote or push a product deliberately we know to cause harm. Number one, FDA would be notified, so in regards to self regulating, this answers that since the FDA would become involved. We could be shut down, fined, sued, and the list is endless of what could happen if we were pushing some harmful toxic concoction knowingly, as fear mongers would have the consumer believe through their insidious articles. Creating something harmful would create so much damage to our businesses, it is incomprehensible. So the insinuation from this group of people that we are tainted, so our science must be bias, is without a doubt more of the same....perpetuate fear and confusion.

Furthermore, there are so many choices out there, and for some my products may not work for them, personally....and that is okay. For instance, some may always be looking for that naturally preserved product so my ONATI skincare line may not fall within their needs for naturally preserved, and that is okay too. All I can continue to do is show the facts and share the data on why I know through research, a naturally preserved product will not hold up to the challenge from bacterial and mold growth, as one example. Synthetic preservatives are not the enemy and will actually keep skin safer and healthier in the long run through prevention of microbial invasion which can cause serious harm to skin and eyes, especially if you have any type of open sore, such as a pimple.

Mindset Is A Funny Thing

As many of us know, throughout life we meet those that have a certain mindset and no matter what side of the issue they are on, you will never change their mind if standing on the opposing side. In fact there are some that want to always believe the negative despite the evidence to the contrary since it is easier, serves their purpose or agenda, and / or creates drama in their lives which sustains them. That is fine, but they must also realize that those that oppose the spread of fear through propaganda will also be there to refute the unscientific information and buck a relentless marketing trend which uses this tactic.

Don't be afraid of your personal care products...always use due diligence of course and remember to separate out in your mind what we use on our faces and bodies versus what we use as chemical household products. I myself limit certain household cleaners and such in my life, but unfortunately, the scare groups are not making these mutually exclusive in their antiquated research or on their data bases, and frankly, no bones about it, they are mutually exclusive....period! Another example: the 1100 + ingredients that these individuals quote for the European Union as banning, only about 1 - 3% of this list were ever used in skincare and cosmetics. Personally, I don't know when diesel fuel or metaldehyde (slug poison) was ever used in a skincare product, do you?

Come Visit Us!

So hopefully, for those who wish to learn more and want to see both sides of an issue, you will find it at Personal Care Truth! We will show you all the research including the negative aspects. No sugar coating or recycled junk science since we already have enough of that floating on the internet, and sadly this will continue for ad infinitum.

But we are here folks, ready to bring truth and research to the forefront of the industry, and we will no longer sit idly by while others with an agenda work to destroy the cosmetics and personal care industry as a whole with false claims and accusations....come discover both sides of a story and finally lay the confusion and fear to rest.


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