Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sterling Minerals Valentines Day Special Offer

A Gift To You Delivered Right To Your Mailbox!

Valentines Day is just around the corner and I wanted to show my appreciation to all my fabulous customers and regular subscribers by giving to you one of my truly favorite products you can enjoy on this day, or share with a loved one if you so choose.

For those of you who haven't had the opportunity to try our Grecian Secret Body Souffle, now is the time to indulge yourself and see why others have fallen in love with this cream. And for those who have, then this gift to you will allow you to experience the Aromatherapy sensation once again.....also an opportunity to try another scent.

This is an unadvertised special and is not posted on the website, but is only offered to my readers, subscribers to YouTube, Twitter, and my FAN page on Facebook.

What You Receive With Purchase

When you purchase any items from our store of a $100.00 or more, I will give to you Free a Full Size Jar of our Grecian Secret Body Souffle.

The Body Souffle comes in 4 different formulas: Unscented, Fresh Citrus, Exotic Ambiance and Garden Essence.

Each scent is wonderful and truly intoxicating, calming, invigorating and pleasant. The Aromatherapy blends are fragrantly soft and subtle without being overpowering since they do not possess artificial fragrances.

How To Receive Your Free Jar

Once you place an order, simply send us an email with your order ID number asking us to enclose your favorite choice of scent and that is all there is to it.

Another great component to this offer is, we will still give FREE shipping to all orders that exceed the $75.00 or more. This makes for a terrific savings all around. Never before have we offered such a unique opportunity to enjoy one of our shop favorites of pure luxury.

Rules and Restrictions Please Read Carefully

This special offer begins today and continues on for 5 days until February 9th, 2010 at 3 PM MST. This offer is only good for the days specified.

Except for Free shipping, all other free gifts we offer on a continuous basis are exempt from this offer. No other free gifts will be included with purchase unless you decide not to participate in this offer.

All requests with scent choice must be made to us by either phone or email once the order is placed. You will not see this offer within the cart at time of purchase.

This offer will not be automatically filled, the body souffle must be requested otherwise all other free gift offers will become the default of the pending order.

We must be notified immediately of your request since orders are processed in a timely manner. If order has already processed, then we will not be able to fulfill request, and we will not ship separately of original order. Carry overs to next order will not be available and body souffle will only be enclosed in orders made during the specified dates.

If a scent choice is not specified in the request, we will fill the order with one of our choosing. Due to time constraints, we will not be able to write back to verify which scent you would like, so please remember to specify your favorite scent.

There are no rain checks, this offer is only active during the dates specified.

All orders must meet the minimum purchase, excluding shipping fees. Limited to one body souffle per order.

Wishing Everyone A Wonderful Valentines Day

No time like the present to indulge yourself in this wildly exotic, refreshing body cream!

If you have been wanting to try this incredibly rich, lightly whipped cream, now is the perfect opportunity. This Body Souffle can be used on every body part, including the face for achieving a wonderfully soft and supple texture to the skin. Never greasy, only pure velvet touch to the skin.

Love All Of You and Have a Happy Valentines Day.

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