Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sterling Minerals Company News and Updates!

Just A Tidbit Today

As we wind down the end of another week, I sit and enjoy my cup of early morning coffee and sigh with relief as the long, dark cold days are gradually giving way to sunnier and slightly longer ones.

I look forward to getting out in my yard and doing some gardening, riding my bike, enjoying warmer weather and throwing open all the windows in the house to get the fresh air blowing through. I love the winter during the holidays but once that is over, spring can't come soon enough.

Typically this time of year, my hubby and I are on a beach in Mexico during this month to escape the Idaho winters. This is us in Cancun at the crack of dawn...just couldn't wait to get out by the beach and revel in the sound of the pounding waves. But for the time being, he is a builder and owner of Dan Corkill Custom Homes, and after a long stint of waiting out the downturn in the housing market, he finally began a build job this month so of course this takes precedent over our desires. We are also very busy as well with so many new customers joining the Sterling Minerals Family. And if I think about it, we took off for reasons of relaxation and decompressing....uh.... we kind of have had plenty of that.

Literally though, my hubby has been on a 2 year vacation and is exhilarated to be back to energetic as a man as he is, this down time was pure torture for him and made for an incredibly long stagnant period in his otherwise busy life. Fortunately, I was able to keep him busy helping me with my business and this turned us into a prosperous team. Finally now though, he is doing what he loves to do and that is building beautiful custom homes for his clients.

He has built every home we have lived in including our most current one to the right, and it is this homes' interior you see in most of my videos on YouTube.

2010 is so far shaping up to be a promising year all around and I hope it is for all of you as well!

Some Changes Are A Comin'

Beginning this month we will be working on creating new product photos, website layout, new features and other modifications and at times our site may look a bit unkempt, but it will not effect the performance of the shopping experience.

I am very excited about the new layout and the new product photos. They are just so much more vivid than the old...they literally pop off the them. Eventually all images throughout the website will be replaced with updated ones.

We are excited to be working with Two Photography (take a tour by clicking on hypertext) which is now our official website photographer for all the new changes you will be seeing with our products. They have been wonderful in truly capturing the essence of our products and did a beautiful job with the Grecian Secret Body Souffle shoot. If you are looking for a great photographer since they also do all kinds of photography including weddings, then check them out at their website and view some of the beautiful examples within their portfolio....some of the new retouch techniques are exquisite and include making a photograph appear aged or bold and vibrant. The new photography techniques fascinate me.

New Eye Colors

We finally launched our new eye colors and they are gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. They are an example of the new product photography, and you'll see the intense color difference from the original eye shadows currently still up. These will gradually be replaced with all new images as well, similar to the new shades we just added.

The new eye colors are:
  • Blue Moon
  • Cream Latte
  • Mocha Dream
  • Pretty In Pink
  • Whisper
We will be including these for a bit in our "Free Samples" offer for you when you return to purchase so everyone can experience these lustrous shades.

Also make sure you check out product descriptions since we list the eye colors that make lovely face color or act as a rich blush enhancement.

Lipsticks Back In Stock UPDATE: All colors Discontinued.  Please SEE our new lip colors.

We were out of stock of our darker lipsticks Raspberry Sorbet, Copper Spice, and our most popular Berries 'n Creme. We have finally restocked them for purchase. Sorry for the delay and thank you for your patience.

Remember, our lip colors are more than just lipsticks and glosses, but are actually quite healing for chapped or cracked lips. The richness of our butters and oils create smoothness unsurpassed. They are also vegan friendly and are Gluten Free.

A Little Tip About Our Website

We have updated the home page and our Media Zone page with the new Twitter experience. We are using Twitter and our FAN page on Facebook for fun business updates. These will be the places to check to see when we have some special offers or just for sharing a tidbit. So even if you don't want to join either one, you can still check into these sites through our website and see what the announcement of the day may be.

Links are available for you to connect directly on the home page, just scroll down toward the bottom and you'll find them there. Or for immediate access to our FAN page for those who are on RSS Feed or receive by email, you can access it here by clicking on article title going directly to our blog and it is located in right hand margin.

Well that is pretty much it for me this week...have a great weekend.

And to all of those dealing with the nasty winter storms back east, hope things don't get too difficult for you and your family. Be safe, dry and keep warm.


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