Wednesday, November 4, 2015

A Heartfelt Goodbye To My Beloved Skin Care Guide

Saying Goodbye To The Skin Care Guide Blog!

A long and thoughtful process has been going on with me and I have come to this conclusion.   I have been maintaining two separate blogs since the launch of Sterling Minerals more than 8 years ago, and my beloved Skin Care Guide and Beauty News have both been up on a shelf for more than a year now.

The desire to try and find a balance over which blog I should publish has placed me a position of mental apathy, not wishing to do either since I can't really decide where to place the importance.  A love and passion has waned in this regard and I have missed it, truly.  My business however, has been growing in leaps and bounds and has left me little time to do the writing I have enjoyed over the years.

I realize that the women that have loved and read this blog every time it was published in the past, are missing the valuable and sometimes fun scientific information I have disseminated over the years as they have conveyed to me in emails.  Nonetheless I wanted to assure you that though this blog will no longer be published after this article, I have been and will continue to transfer articles of importance over to the actual website where you can still locate and enjoy valuable information, and we update it often.  Once this transfer process is complete, Sterling Minerals Skin Care Guide will disappear from search engines forever as it goes dark. 

At our website, Sterling Minerals Under Explore is located in the bottom left corner of the site and a multitude of articles can be found there on many subjects.  We provide fun, scientific, myth busting articles as always, yet will also have available great articles about everyday issues that women suffer from when dealing with skincare or makeup questions, including certain ingredients.

Plus anything related to our products, tutorials, specials, industry updates etc. will now be combined and available at a single location on our site which is where we have incorporated the blog, Beauty News.

To continue to get these updates and stay informed as I press ahead with doing what I love and do best, is by going to the link Sterling Minerals and entering your email on our site.  This will sign you up for receiving Beauty News and our Newsletter which you can opt out of either one at any time. 

You'll also see recent articles that I published at Beauty News and you can see they are quite similar to what this Skin Care Guide has been successful for, yet also includes business announcements.

A heartfelt thank you to all of you that enjoyed and supported me and mine over the years and I look forward to carrying on with much of what set Sterling Minerals apart from any other skincare or mineral makeup company.

I am confident that this will serve to improve and consolidate vital information that my readers are looking for and product updates and industry news will be easier to provide and maintain.  I hope to see you over at our Beauty News Blog for the latest and greatest and join with our community of many women in shared experiences.


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