Thursday, August 7, 2014

Want A Tattoo? FDA Has Latest Warning On The Dangers!

Tattoos, Love Them Or Hate Them

Although I am not a huge fan of sporting a tattoo, I also believe in "to each his own" and "live and let live".  However, when it comes to my readers health, this latest FDA warning is not something I wished to allow to go unshared, no matter my personal beliefs on the practice.  I just can't wrap my head around having a needle stuck in me, no matter the purpose for it's use, let alone electing to do it.  I grow faint and nauseated when they take blood for crying out loud!

I did an article on Tattoos several years back titled "The Dangers Of Permanent Makeup, AKA Cosmetic Tattooing".  There are so many unspoken risks to using inks from who knows where, that I wanted to at least show the repercussions of deciding to have permanent makeup tattooed onto our skin.  The risks are very real, which include allergic reactions, infections, staph and many others that can compromise our immune system or create sepsis in our blood.

Don't Ignore The Safety Precautions Or Recalls

Aside from all of the warnings, many are willing to take the risk and most turn out okay.  Yet we are now being notified of a recall on a certain brand of ink that has been shown to have bacteria within "unopened" bottles.  White and Blue Lion, Inc. recalled contaminated products on July 11, 2014, but FDA is still concerned that consumers and professional tattoo artists may be purchasing or using contaminated home tattoo kits and inks from other distributors.

“Reporting an infection to FDA and the artist is important in order for FDA to investigate, and to enable the artist to take steps to prevent others from becoming infected,” says epidemiologist Katherine Hollinger, D.V.M., M.P.H., from the Office of Cosmetics and Colors.

Take the advice in this scenario and practice self awareness when and if you should decide that permanent makeup or an artistic tattoo is for you.  It is vital when dealing with many of these inks coming here from overseas, that we make sure we protect ourselves through due diligence and taking the FDA's advice in regard to assessing the safety of these inks and / or the professional using them.

This information may very well prevent someone from choosing poorly and if they do, then the information on symptoms of being contaminated with the "bad ink" can help you know if your health is now at risk.  The FDA link also shows you what to do and how to report an incident.

Choose wisely and take this warning to heart because no amount of pretty ink is worth your well being.

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