Thursday, September 26, 2013

New Sunscreen Regs On Mineral Makeup & Other New Updates


Keeping You Up To Date In Case You Missed It

We are always striving to keep our customers up to date when we learn about the latest info so that you, our valued customers can also be well informed when it comes to your skin health through the use of your mineral makeup products and your skincare.

This info is so important, we will also post this same article in our Beauty News, Specials & Events since we have customers that read one or the other.  Yet, we apologize for duplication if you should be a subscriber to both.

Important Mineral Makeup Update In Regard To Sunscreen Regulations

We have updated our "What Is The SPF Of Our Mineral Makeup" page with the latest information as it pertains to new FDA regulations.  You'll also learn about what those Skin Cancer Foundation Seals Of Endorsement really mean!  So click on the link in the text above to learn more.

 Education Center

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Our education articles are located in the bottom left corner of our website with easy to navigate titles for giving you fast answers to your questions and we are adding new articles and updating old ones on a regular basis.  No more endless searching through past blog posts.

The New Links Below Will Be Your Guide
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Or you can use our convenient "Search" window at the top right of our website and simply type in your questions.

Two tabs will appear: Products / News & Information in upper left corner.  You then click on which tab you prefer as it pertains to your search.

Missing Out On Updates

We have recently learned from some of our customers that they are missing out on our website updates including new products being added and new product photography be implemented.

This is happening because you are holding onto a "cached" version of the site.  We all love to add websites to our favorites for immediate retrieval, but  unfortunately, this is also why you are missing our product updates which will also include promotions that we will place up front and center on our slide show as you enter the site.

Example: We updated all of our mineral makeup product photography with true to life color and they turned out incredible, yet some customers don't see them and only the old pink framed products because they have stored the individual pages for quick return to shopping in the future.

To Fix: Simply dump the old version from your favorites, organically Google Sterling Minerals and click thru on the main page link then follow through to your product pages and voila, you should now be seeing the latest and greatest updates.

IMPORTANT TIDBIT FOR MOBILE PHONE USERS:  If you are shopping using your mobile phone, unless you switch to "FULL SITE" mode (located at the bottom of the webpage on your phone), you too may miss out on our promos and latest updates.  So when you can, be sure to at least view us in Full Site Mode for the best possible experience.

Thank you and we hope this latest information continues to serve your needs.

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