Thursday, August 1, 2013

Why Can't We Just Age Gracefully?

Anti Aging Marketing Helps Perpetuate The Myth

As I continue to age, something I am unable to change, it has finally settled into my brain that the marketing hype put out by many cosmetic and skincare manufacturers along with Hollywood and their Plastic Surgeon circles, is destroying our sensibilities causing us to change our perspectives. 

This is sad really because I have felt less than adequate at times and I have allowed my persona to be affected by all this glam portrayed by magazine covers and movie stars.  In fact, I remember Jamie Lee Curtis did a spread in MORE magazine in 2002, showing off her middle aged body and sent a message to women everywhere to 'grow old gracefully'.  She also blasted plastic surgery and exposed the truths about promises certain procedures were suppose to offer in order to keep our bodies looking perfect.  This created a huge hoopla with differing opinions as to where this places her in the future of Hollywood. 

I though this article was fantastic and it was a huge eye opener for me.  Finally, someone in Hollywood lifted the velvet curtain of false beauty that truly can't ever be obtained, at least not forever.  The latest photo of her at 54 shows her last month on vacay in a one piece swimsuit in the link above, again embracing who she is and she looks great.  She is the perfect mentor for aging women and for the first time after the 2002 article, you could see a shift in some commercial advertisements, including DOVE personal care products finally embracing different body types and ages of REAL women.

What I most remember about this piece is at the time she was the T Mobile spokeswoman, and shortly after she showed herself without makeup and all the Spanx undergarments, she was replaced by Katherine Zeta Jones the same year.....hmmm....another shining example of illusion exposed, whereby destroying the woman by replacing her with another.  Hate to tell ya...but Katherine Zeta Jones' time is coming also...we all age!

No more sense of false image for this  gal! 

What I Finally Acknowledge
  • I admit I am dismayed with my skin damage, but I did it to myself with years of baking in the sun.
  • I admit I am dismayed with the weight gain after going through menopause, but I did it to myself with bad eating habits.
  • I admit I get so focused on my mineral makeup and skincare business, I neglect myself and the care my body needs on a daily basis.
  • I admit I am so consumed with helping other women when they contact me, I fail to exercise in order to stay healthy myself.
What I Have Finally Decided
  • I will no longer focus on trying to stop a process that is completely natural, is beyond my control, and is in so many ways linked to genetics as to how we'll look after we turn 50.
  • I will continue to do things I enjoy and love at any age, for as long as my body allows me to. 
  • I'll practice looking and feeling my best through wearing my mineral makeup and using gentle skincare.
  • I will work toward my goals of achieving better health through proper diet and exercise.
  • I will continue to work tirelessly to help other women see the beauty in themselves and to embrace aging.
  • Last, but not least, I'll never stop educating other women by revealing the truth in the beauty industry and expose anti aging bunk whenever I find it.
Join Me Once Again By "Celebrating Your Natural Beauty!" 

Using a high quality mineral makeup and natural skincare is not without its benefits to be sure, so keep this beauty regimen as clean and simple as you can.  Creating a wardrobe and hair style works wonderfully for camouflaging our body age as well, giving us a stellar appearance which in turn boosts confidence.  We simply must understand that these tools are what will assist us with improving our appearance which encourages us to feel better about ourselves, they just aren't the whole package of who we are. 

We have all worked too hard to get where we are today.  So cherish your age, because you are smarter, wiser, perhaps calmer through experience and full of history you can share, and that is in and of itself the true beauty we offer to the younger generation....all the rest of that stuff is just smoke and mirrors and not a true sense of self.

Hugs and Kisses

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