Thursday, May 30, 2013

Creating Your Own Customized Hair Color With eSalon

Being Creative (Not So Much)

I have been coloring my own hair now for more than 20 years ever since I had a terrible mishap with color provided or should I say "done" to me by a so called colorist.  She literally turned my dark blonde hair to this "ugly" shade of strawberry blonde... and believe me strawberry is putting it mildly.  It was the most unnatural looking shade I think I have ever seen when not done on purpose... I mean it was great if you like "pink" hair!

When it comes to my hair color, I am not one to push the limits and become creative with it.  My hair, like for most women, is what contributes to the image we wish to project.

The vast array of hairstyles is what makes us explore new and different looks, it just depends on how adventurous one wishes to be.  Fun and flirty, seriously professional, wild and sexy, cute and sassy, or just a simple mess otherwise known as bed head.  For me, I tend to stay on the conservative side of things.

Messing with my locks is something I take very seriously.  When I needed to correct my hair color, I was actually quite pensive after a salon tried to fix it x 2, so with trust removed... enough was enough.  Determination overrode any trepidation I was feeling.  Loreal customer service did an excellent job at putting my mind at ease and giving me accurate shades to make my hair appear normal again until I could grow out the damage.  I have been using Loreal Excellence Cream ever since and I can now use just one color to cover my gray mousy blonde hair.

The Personal Touch Of Hair Color

When I find time, I will peruse information on the internet for checking out the latest fad in hair, perhaps looking into doing something a bit different since commercial colorants can be limited and lack customizing.  Plus, I am still not interested in allowing my color to be messed with by a salon colorist after the last debacle.  In my research, I stumbled across this great website  They provide the customizing touch of working with color professionals without paying the high price of a salon.  Currently eSalon is running a special of $19.99 for single application, marked off the original price of $24.99.

They will walk you thru a series of questions to determine what hair color will work best for you, including whether or not you want demi permanent or permanent hair color.  The reason for this is, each and every hair color is customized for each individual based on their selections.  They then will contact you when creating your color just to make sure everyone is on the same page and to avoid any likelihood of confusion based on an expectation of a certain result.  

Your kit will include your Custom Hair Color, Developer, Hair Color Accessories and Personalized Instructions

The determination of what level of colorant you want is based on whether the developer is 10 volume which is mainly what you find on store shelves so this is demi permanent, and it is what I have been using with great success.  Or if you need serious gray hair coverage then a 20 volume would be best suited for this task which is permanent hair color, something that is tough to come by with store brands.

eSalon gives the differences for you on their website during the Q & A portion of determining what is best for you.


Salon quality Permanent haircolor that provides long lasting gray coverage and color intensity.
- Permanent color
- Provides rich, lush, intense tones
- Long lasting
- Perfect 100% gray coverage
- Color develops in 30 minutes
- Used with 20 volume creme developer (this is the hydrogen peroxide portion)
Recommended when gray coverage is important or when the desired color has intense tones.


Salon quality Demi-Permanent haircolor designed to enhance & intensify natural or previously color treated hair.
- Lasts up to 24 shampoos
- Ideal for blending gray
- Refreshes previously color treated hair
- Color develops in 15 minutes
- Used with 10 volume creme developer (this is the hydrogen peroxide portion)
For those with less than 25% gray hair. Not suitable if 100% gray coverage is important.

Customer Support is Profound

If you are like me when taking a huge step toward making a hair color change without the learning curve, trust is absolute and why customer support is very important.  When doing something as serious as coloring your hair since whatever you do, mistake or not, it is there until it grows out or you are forced to do it again, and for hair this can be very damaging.

eSalon provides some of the best customer support I have seen.  Their FAQ section is intensive, broad, and leaves nothing to the imagination.  I don't think they skipped a beat when it comes to educating the public about their products, along with how to use them correctly or selecting best color to achieve the best results.

If you don't find the answer to a particular question, or you are having the bad feeling in the pit of your stomach from past hair coloring atrocities, then fear not because they also have a toll free number for you to call if you simply must have that "one on one" contact for peace of mind.

If this doesn't do it for you, then last but certainly not least, they have "how to" videos at the eSalon website.

Let Us Know What You Think

Personally, I am only in the beginning stage of researching what direction I want to go, but this is definitely one professional outlet I would consider.  With the use of modern technology the concept they have created is ingenious.  

If anyone of my readers has used them with success, then your feedback would not only be beneficial to our readers, but to me as well.

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