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TopStyler Heated Ceramic Styling Shells Review

Caught Up In The Excitement

I admit it, this even happens to me on occasion.  My wallet got picked by the infomercial fairy.

I was watching early morning t.v. about 2 years ago, and on comes the infomercial for the TopStyler Heated Ceramic Styling Shells.  The way it was presented got me all excited to try it as soon as possible.  Women with beautiful flowing curls, lush and non frizzy.  I couldn't dial the phone fast enough since they had an offer of upgrades which included a full second set of clam they offer a second hair styling unit.

I love when hair has the loop dee doop curls that cascade around the face.  Even on short hair to the nape of the neck, looked great.  I was SOLD!

This new concept by TopStyler of heated clam shells lined with ceramic definitely intrigued me.  No more curler lines from being crimped in a hot roller, plus no hot curling irons which I have yet to master without cooking a finger or singeing the side of my face. 

And of course they made it look so simple.  You can either twist the hair around an index finger, or use the tail of the comb they provide with the kit.  They heat up like traditional hot rollers, except they are a self clamping shell that also have mini teeth for grabbing your hair in order for them to stay in place.  Hair pins or curler clamps are a thing of the past.

They offer two sizes as well, one for smaller tighter curls and another for a larger looser curls. 

Surprise, Surprise, Not Surprised

Once my TopStyler Heated Ceramic Styling Shells arrived, I was quite pleased at the quality of the item.  It is very well made in all aspects and was a nice surprise to see instead of cheap plastic junk.  This first picture features their original offer that I took advantage of.

Was it worth the $125 clams I shelled out for it? ...(no pun intended...well maybe a little bit)... It depends on your perspective.  I did get double the clam shells with my order, plus a lifetime guarantee for as long as I own the product of FREE replacement if it should die or something.

Surprisingly, this item can now be found, on Amazon and at Target for around $100.00 which is typical after a product has been on the market for a while, but it doesn't include the bonus items I received. 

Not surprisingly, after owning this for a couple of years, I don't feel it was worth the expense or ends up working out the way it is described.  After growing weary of the amount of dexterity it takes to use this curling tool, I finally quit trying.  It is far from being fast and simple to use and by the time I was done, I would say it took a good 30 minutes or more to curl my entire head, not including cooling time of the shells.....exhausting!  It now has been relegated to the back of my bathroom vanity cabinet, probably to forever remain in exile.

Did I get great curls....YES....did they last all day....YES....was it as easy as they portrayed in the anything every as easy as they show on t.v.? 

Plus, the lifetime guarantee is a great selling point, yet if you end up like me, disowning the dang thing, they will rarely if ever, have to fulfill on this promise to any consumer that finds this hair curling tool to be less than suitable for their hair styling needs.  So, bottom line, they'll always come out ahead on this one.

What I Can Say About My TopStyler Heated Ceramic Styling Shells

  • Beautiful Voluminous Curls
  • No Frizz  Curls
  • No More Burned Fingers, Face or Scalp
  • Nicely Made, High Quality
  • Pretty Zippered Heavy Duty Case with Storage for Extra Clam Shells
  • Safety Shut Off
  • Provide Tutorial and Additional Styling Comb
  • Lifetime Warranty (pay additional)
  • Okay for Using on Others (doing hair for them) Still Requires Dexterity

  • Requires a High Level of Dexterity
  • Requires Long Fingers for Wrapping Curls (my fingers are too little)
  • Requires Patience and Difficult to Use on Oneself
  • Major Learning Curve (can be exhausting)
  • Need Second Set of Clams (extra clam shells are needed if you want to be able to curl entire head)
  • Snags Hair and Hair Shifts if Clam Shells are NOT Closed Correctly or Hair is too Thick
  • Will Not Work on Curl Resistant Hair without Styling Aids
  • Styling Comb Worthless for the Task of Wrapping Curls (major slippage of hair)
  • Too Expensive for What is Provided Retail, unless you purchase from their website (but who needs two units when one failed?)
  • Takes an Inordinate Amount of Time
  • Need a Hair Stylist to do it for You IMHO (I consider this on the level of a stylists professional tool)

In A Clam Shell

This is a nicely made unit for those that enjoy quality, but if you are not very dexterous, you'll find this styling tool a challenge.  Some of you may still wish to give it a try, but if you are on a budget, they will woo you with "shiny and new" and all the "bells and whistles" only to find out, it wasn't "all that".  Plus be aware that the 30 day Free Trial they offer on their website for $14.95, is a waste of money since this is in addition to the purchase price.  It is not included in the total sales price if you decide to keep it, but a tack on for the privilege of trying it out.  They still offer the trial period, but spring for the whole amount to save the $14.95, and their latest offer is giving you two TopStyler units and is demonstrated by this second photo of their current package.

Also if you are of mature years, like me, it is difficult for me to keep my arms up over my head, while trying to wrap hair around a tiny finger, and then clamp and release the hair from my finger without tiring out.  The demo on the infomercial provided by models and the demonstrator of the brand, trust me, had major practice before presenting the so called "ease of use" they try to portray.  It is nothing like what you see on t.v. once you get it home and use it for yourself.

Simply put, this hair styling tool may work for some and they'll love it because they possess that natural talent of doing all things to their hair (my daughter included), but in my opinion, I got snookered in and learned the hard way once more, infomercials offer way more to the consumer, than the actual product will or can ever deliver....and never underestimate what it takes to look great with hair all coiffed, as I did.....looking this good never is fast and easy....silly me!

Besides, if after reading my review you're still unsure, then take a look at what others are saying over at Amazon, and then decide for yourself if it will be suited to your hair styling needs.

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