Thursday, September 27, 2012

Jojoba Oil - The New Liquid Gold, Literally!

Why We Love Our Jojoba Oil

As all of my customers know, our mineral makeup foundation formulas and our Evening Rose Veil, all contain a generous portion of Simmondsia chinensis (Jojoba Seed Oil).  It is literally what helps contribute to balancing skin sebum, (oil production) and maintains the pH balance of skin while leaving the face feeling velvety soft, never greasy or oily.  It is one of the key ingredients that gives our mineral foundation and mineral veil that fluffy, crumbly looking texture, and why our minerals meld so beautifully to the skin, creating a flawless finish.

The best part is, the Jojoba Oil we use is Organically Grown, Cold Pressed and Unrefined.  Due to its characteristics, it has an indefinite shelf life since it is actually a wax ester and not a vegetable oil, so it will not turn rancid and is not subject to oxidation.  Our oil is 100% pure and is the only oil found to have the closest affinity with the skin. It is soothing to those with acne, rosacea and sebborheic dermatitis.

Women with any skin type can use Jojoba, including those with oily skin.  Jojoba oil is a powerful anti-oxidant and is rich in Vitamin E, Vitamin C and contains minerals of Chromium, Copper, and Zinc.  Perfect for aging, delicate skin.

It mimics our own sebum, and will act as a replacement for the loss of natural oils and collagen as our skin matures, making it excellent for fighting wrinkles.  It aids in smoothing surface roughness, flakiness and fine lines.  It further aids in reinforcing your skins outer layer, (the Epidermis) and when melded with the skins natural oils aids in reducing further moisture loss, keeping skin soft and supple. 

Knock Me Over With A Feather

What my ladies may not know is, Jojoba Oil is suffering from global shortages and is becoming literally a challenge to find from our distributors, essentially forcing us to look elsewhere once more.  Just any Jojoba Oil will not do.  It is our pledge to continue with the certified organically grown version in order to maintain continuity in our formulations.

Due to this shortage, Jojoba Oil has gone through the roof in price.  You think a gallon of gas is causing sticker shock at the pumps as it continues to edge up?.....

How about.....are you ready.....$384.00 per gallon for our precious Jojoba oil.....consider me knocked over with a feather.....followed by mini heart attack.....I know.....right?.....INSANE!

This used to be one of our less expensive ingredients, but not anymore since this price has nearly tripled in the past 4 years, serving up a hefty helping of stock piling when we can.  We try to do this in order to delay the inevitable increase we will see again as Jojoba continues to grow in demand within the cosmetic and skin care industry.

My Precious

Again, as my ladies understand and enjoy the incredible finish and silken texture they achieve for their skin, is it any wonder they refer to their mineral makeup as "precious" to them?

With this huge spike in cost, just think, your Sterling Minerals Cosmetics are not only the holy grail for you and many others, but if we look at the precious commodity of what contributes to perfection, then as Sterling Minerals customers, you really are holding Liquid Gold in your hand.....Holy Shnikeys!

Keep being Bold, Beautiful, Naturally.


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