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A Spoonful Of Sugar Helps The Medicine Go Down

The Dread Of It All - Please Give Me Some Sugar

At some point in all of our lives, we experience the dreaded aftertaste or initial flavor of a medicine or supplement we take in an attempt to live a healthier lifestyle. Going back to when we were little kids, we sometimes endured some of the worst tasting stuff.

If it isn't the taste that makes you want to toss your cookies, then it is the ridiculous size of the pill we must swallow in order to get the RDA of the vitamin our bodies need as we progress through life. And for some, this is an impossible task.

Of course it is always best to get as much of your RDA through eating healthy in the first place with fruits and veggies, whole grains and poultry, fish and some red meat if you can. But when we are running on empty in an overloaded world, then supplements are sometimes necessary.

I remember growing up, my father having to chew or crush every tablet he took over the years, no matter the size due to having Polio in WWII. It left him with a partial throat paralysis, making it difficult to swallow all things, including his food or even a sip of wine.

I personally, have a tiny mouth and throat to match, and in most cases, anything larger than an aspirin, causes me to gag. I seek out chewable anything when I need to up my health supplements. This is near impossible since most chewables are for children products only it seems, and of course the RDA doesn't meet adult recommendations.

I mean really......have you seen the size of calcium or vitamin C tabs?.....holy cow.

Or how about the taste of Fish Oil which is recommended for getting our Omega-3's. The tabs aren't any too small either. Never mind the indigestion or the lovely flavor of repeating that occurs with most fish oils I have tried....ugh....I essentially gave up on this endeavor.

Or Flaxseed tabs.....these things are huge and I can barely get them down, even though they are a gel coated tab.

Yes, I have blended some of these into foods to make taking them easier, but you know, sometimes I just want to pop my pill and get on with my day, as I don't always have enough time for the preparation of a good health drink.

What Is A Person To Do?

Of course there are many more supplements out there that are utilized by many, more than I care to count, and if I can't even handle the few I listed above, I certainly am not going to pill pop these horse tablets all day long.

The reason for me targeting these supplements in particular, is due to those of us who are getting older and are either in Menopause or have passed it, these supplements are recommended more and more by doctors to keep our hearts well and to prevent bone loss as our estrogen diminishes. Plus Vitamin D is also necessary for assisting with strong bones, since without it, we will not absorb calcium in our diet. More and more Vitamin D deficiency is occurring as we stay out of the sun or slather on sunscreen. I personally have crossed over as of next month. Free from menstrual cycles for one full year, so nutrition takes on a whole new meaning for me.

Breast Cancer being always a concern, Heart disease now moves up to being the number one cause of death in post menopausal women. And so my heart is now my motivation for taking better care of myself. I have worked diligently to get my cholesterol down and succeeded apparently as was divulged with last months doctors visit. My cholesterol is now within the normal range, but I am still working to make it even lower.

The Supplement Industry Is Catching On

So my quest began yet again. I want to take the things that are most important for my health and I have finally found the magic bullets, even for this non pill swallowing gal.

Exploring my local Costco, I came across two products that have absolutely made me giddy. Of course they have the typical multitude of horse tablets of every supplement they make, but buried in amongst the crate size displays of products, I stumbled on HEAVEN in a bottle.

Can it be?....Gummy Vitamins for Adults in Calcium with Vitamin D3, and Omega 3 in a delicious liquid form, and yep it even contains fish.

The claim to fame of making my life just a tad easier is by Vitafusion Calcium 500 mg with D3 in two tasty chewable gummy squares per day. Sugars are 5 g and they do carry a few calories of 25, but I just add this into my daily intake and realize, it is worth it to never have to swallow another gargantuan pill ever again.

You get two bottles in a packet which is equivalent to about a four month supply. Relatively inexpensive supplement in my opinion. And I treat myself as though it is my 2 sweet pieces of candy each day.

They also provide an entire line of different supplements, even for reducing LDL in your cholesterol. The only downside to their products, I guess, is this could potentially add worthless calories to your diet if all you consumed were the gummy with that, you must be mindful of the additional calories they provide.

Now the fish thing was scary since I have tried many different types, all guaranteeing to not be fishy or have an aftertaste which is caused by repeating (burp). All lies I tell you, they always made me burp or gave me heartburn. Hated every minute of the process, so I gave up and said "adios" to the fish oil craze.

UNTIL......(trumpets sound) I found a liquid supplement named Nature's Fresh, Omega Blendz. It contains the Omega 3 with EPA and DHA and the source of fish is Salmon oil and Cod liver oil....blech....I think, but then I read on and it has the flavor of Lemon Meringue....they also offer Tropical Fruit and Blackberry, but not at my Costco. It has a Smoothie consistency, but kinda reminds me of lemon pudding or yogurt, depending on your taste buds interpretation.

You absolutely cannot detect any fish odor or taste and it is delish with a capital D. No indigestion or burping.....ever. Again it does add some calories to the diet of 45 per serving but the sugars are there's a plus.

They overall describe it in short:

Tastes Great......Gotta love that
No Fishy Taste....Amen
Rapid Digestion and Assimilation.....Can I get a Hallelujah?
Great for the Whole Family.....Well alright
No Large Capsules.....Yeah Boy!
No Oil Mess......Hurray.

Must be kept refrigerated after opening and it is a 65 day supply for around $20.00. Again not bad at all, and a fantastic price for what it provides in health benefits, and it is like taking two tsp. of pudding each day.....y-u-m-m-y.

So if you are like me and you are sick of swallowing horse tablets or the taste of a supplement or the indigestion it causes, then surely take a peek at these wonderful discoveries at COSTCO. I am sure they are located elsewhere, but probably for not as good a price. You can check out their websites at the links provided on their brand above.

And there is never anything more true than I learned from Mary Poppins....a Spoonful of Sugar does help the medicine go down.

Here's to your health.

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