Thursday, September 8, 2011

Balloons Make Me Smile

Smiling Bright And Early!

Over our Labor Day weekend the Boise Balloon Classic was having an enjoyable 3 days of nice weather and beautiful air currents for hovering over our Ann Morrison Park and downtown Boise.

Hubby and I decided to grab our fully leaded cups of Joe and head down to the park bright and early to catch the balloons being inflated, to getting up into the air at sunrise.....approximately 7 am in the morning.

The morning was crisp with dew on the grass, making for wet feet and the need for a light jacket. But once that glorious sun broke over the horizon, the air began to warm and the balloons were off to a lofty sail about the Treasure Valley. It is quite the spectacle every year.

Boise of the Treasure Valley is also one of very few places in the United States that provides an air stream for the balloons to be able to take off and nearly land again in the same spot.....I thought that tidbit of info was kinda cool.

Our Camera caught the first balloon at liftoff with the sun just peeking out over the mountains. Later, the balloons could be seen kissing the tops of our tallest buildings, while some dared to navigate lower over the main streets of downtown before rising again on warm currents.

So I hope everyone else had a lovely Labor Day and spent it doing something that makes you smile and relax.

Here's to another wonderful weekend of beautiful weather just in time for our Art In The Park, where many artisans travel to, to share and sell their lovely handmade craft they enjoy!

Have a nice weekend and grab those beautiful days while you can. Fall is just around the corner.


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