Thursday, August 4, 2011

Technical Difficulties: Don't Change The Channel


During the past couple of days I have been working with my techie department on adding another feature to "Sterling Minerals Skin Care Guide" and "Beauty News, Specials and Events", along with it eventually getting added to our website.

In the course of doing this, some test blogs were published with just a title and a one liner silly sentence. Even though these were deleted, they still published in RSS feeds, but did not go into mail inboxes.

I have placed a feature for Sharing on my blogs and eventually on my mineral makeup and skincare website, making it easier to share with others or save articles or products you enjoy. At the bottom of each article there are buttons for "Favorites", "Twitter", "Facebook", "Email", plus a box for additional share features that you may enjoy. These do not translate over to all RSS feeds, it depends on what reader you are using. In Email, these same buttons also don't translate over, however we have always offered at the bottom of the article some sharing features, including Facebook and Email.

If you wish to use them at anytime, simply click on the title of the blog post, and it will take you directly to the original blog.

She's Gone Loopy!

Despite me going through the change, I can assure you I haven't gone loopy, bonkers maybe.....but never loopy. I find at times when I write my blogs, that some grammar seems strange, or a paragraph makes absolutely no sense at fact sometimes I don't even know what side of the brain was awake that day to create something so garbled.

Of course I set out to change it and correct it as soon as I see past the brain fog, but sometimes it doesn't get fixed until after the article has been delivered to everyone's RSS feed and inboxes.

Sometimes, I think in my brain I have explained it quite well, until I receive an email from a reader, asking me, "what did you just say here?"

It makes perfect sense to me, but to some, it is a confusing mess. You know how it is when your brain goes faster than you can type? The same thing happens when I proof read over and over.....I see the words in my mind, but then all of a sudden it pops out at me, grammatical error doesn't even begin to describe it.....(scratches head)

Never Hesitate

If when reading my articles, you see something that confuses you or strikes you as odd, never hesitate to drop me a line and let me know something is amiss with the article. Trust me, I will very much appreciate it.....after all I don't wish to let the entire universe think I've busted a gasket or something....just know it is probably a "hot flash" or lack of sleep, or one of my 7 dwarfs has reared it's ugly head for a split second.

However, I will continue to strive to be "loopy" free!


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