Thursday, May 5, 2011

Over The Rainbow For Moms Everywhere

For Your Special Day

There aren't too many of us that don't know the song "Over The Rainbow" by Judy Garland. A song that was made famous in the movie the "Wizard of Oz" favorite movie when I was little, and it lives on today in the memories of my own children, while continuing to create future one's for generations to come.

My memories of a more innocent time are still vivid, and I cherish the time I spent into adulthood with my mom and grandma. They both molded me to be the person I am today. Unfortunately, my mom passed away in May of '83 and my Gran passed in March of '86, so my children never enjoyed the richness these two wonderful women could have brought into their lives. So the task fell to me to not only be a mother and to share the many things these ladies taught me, but to also be a grandmother to both of my kids as they grew up. It was a balancing act of an abundance of love, discipline, education, tempered with a guided touch and spoiling them whenever possible.

And of course there is nothing more amazing than the relationship between mothers and daughters, and I am so grateful and blessed to have received such a gift since my family was full of men after my two mentors passed. She and I share so much, including our love of the Wizard of Oz....and she has grown into a beautiful and independent woman....thanks Mom and Gran, your prayers are everlasting.

I hope you all have a lovely Mothers Day....and have many memories to cherish with your children, mom, or grandma. For this mothers day, I simply wish to offer all of you a piece of that rainbow through the voice of an angel who created his own rendition of such a beautiful song, taking us back to a simpler time. He too, also passing well before his time, but he has left us a piece of his legacy of beauty and calm in these tumultuous times. Peace and Love!

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