Thursday, February 24, 2011

Life Is An Adventure

Follow Up To CBS The Doctors

Well folks, I finally heard from the production staff over at CBS The Doctors last night, and as I figured when I didn't hear back from her last week before the actual taping of the show, we did not get featured this go round. The editor of Redbook filled the time slot in its entirety.

Allow me to preface this however, with wonderful compliments from her, stating, "our mineral makeup products are amazing." She also looks forward to keeping in touch and would still like, and would hopefully do something together in the future. We only spoke briefly on the phone after receiving her email to me, and she also told me that others over at CBS have made compliments on her skin since wearing our products, including her husband telling her, her skin looks so fresh.

Even without the show presence, this was phenomenal to me. I have good feelings more is to come and I will definitely keep in touch with her. Again, the fact she found us out of a sea of other companies is remarkable and wonderful.

More Adventures On The Way

Next month is the Natural Products Expo of 2011, and something that brings in close to 60,000 from the industry. It is a closed trade show, not open to the public. This is going to also be one heck of a good time, and hopefully bring Sterling Minerals many more connections within the industry. Support and innovation is so important to small business most cases it is crucial.

So I am very excited about this next phase of continually growing my company. It lasts 4 days, of which 2 of those we will be in actual attendance. The event is huge and includes over 3000 vendors from food to cosmetics.

For more information on how the business will be taken care of during my absence and the dates of the event, (Click Here) for the latest update when placing any orders during the time frame we will be gone.

A Touch Of R & R

I will confess however, that we are going to take a small break from the everyday curriculum of our business and spend a day inside the happiest place on earth....Disneyland.

I'll be headed straight for that Splash favorite ride in the whole park.

I have not been there since my children were small. It will be interesting and fun to go back and visit without them, and the best part is, my husband will also be taking this trip with me.

I also must confess I won't be missing our weather during our visit to southern California, as I sit here right this very minute and watch SNOW fall from the sky, covering everything in white.

Beautiful, but oh so cold!

2011 is definitely going to be a wonderful and prosperous year. Thanks to everyone for your support for the past years and look forward to many more with you in the future.


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