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Revlon Hair Dryer RV484 Review

Frizzy Hair Tells You When

I have owned many a hair dryer in my day and for many years I switched from commercial brands to only buying professional ones. They were quite spendy for the most part, but I always felt they did an excellent job on my hair, and they were typically very quiet to use.

Commercial brands for some reason always seemed to have that high pitched revving sound like a jet engine right before takeoff....a real eardrum breaker. So drying my hair was not a pleasant experience.

Plus in most cases, they left my hair looking frizzy and fly away, leaving me needing tons of mousse or gel to get my hair to do anything. Professional hair dryers also prevented a lot of frizzing of my hair, due to the Ionic technology they brought into the marketplace and the drying time was incredible.

The problem with the professional brands, they didn't seem to outlast the commercial ones, and in some cases died well before their time...and for the money being spent, I felt I should get at least 5 years out of them. But alas, I may only get 2-3 years.

Checking Out The Market Once More

About 6 years ago, my $90.00 professional hair dryer went cablooey after only 18 months, and that is when I decided to take another look at commercial brands. The one that croaked was a tourmaline ionic ceramic hairdryer, yet was in my opinion, bulky, heavy and cumbersome to use, but did leave my hair feeling fantastic.

So in beginning my journey, I spent hours researching the different brands, Conair, Revlon, Vidal Sassoon, Remington, and Andis, and reading online reviews of each and every one of them. Price points varied, as did the accessories or technology offered. One thing was certain, the dryer had to have the Ionic, ceramic feature since I already knew the benefits of this in reducing frizz.

Revlon Hair Dryer RV484

About 6 years ago, based on the many positive reviews, I decided to go with the Revlon Hair Dryer which had the same technology as my old pro dryer for essentially a 4th of the price. It worked fantastic on my hair, and lasted me until about a week ago....the only reason it toasted at all, was I had forgotten to keep the filter clean so airflow became blocked and it fried the insides...burnt out so to speak.

But I will say this, I believe it was losing the Ionic capability anyway since my hair began to show signs of frizzing and wasn't quite as manageable unless I put serums on my hair. But I do know this, if I had kept the filter clean, there is no doubt in my mind it would have lasted much longer. Back then this model was identical to the current one on the market today except for a different and black in design. Now it is a flashy silver with deep eggplant or plum colored accents depending on your perspective...a girly girls dryer....I liked the improvement.

Still offered the Ionic ceramic drying method and was only a measly $18 bucks. 6 years ago I paid $24.00. I felt I truly got my moneys worth out of this dryer....even if it only had lasted as long as my last professional dryer, it still was a bargain at this price.

After using the new dryer for about a week now, it is still pretty darn quiet, not perfect, but still easy on the ears. The Ionic setting was shiny new and I could not believe how easy it was to scrunch body and bounce back into my hair without any styling aids. My hair is left shiny and soft and doesn't feel fried at all. No frizz whatsoever!

It has 3 heat setting with 2 speeds and a cool shot button. You can choose cool air for setting the hair, or medium heat for overall blow drying, with high heat for shaping the hair. The speeds are high and low, and remarkably get my hair dry in half the time of my old Revlon dryer. But this could mean that despite it burning out anyway, its components were aging so not near as powerful as when it was new. Regardless, right up until the end it served me well for the most part and where it failed was lack of maintenance on my part, so I can hardly blame the dryer for this.

The Revlon Hair Dryer RV484 can be purchased just about everywhere. I purchased mine at Walmart, but you can find them at Target, Bed, Bath and Beyond, Shopko, Fred Meyer, and of course anywhere online.

  • Drys hair quickly
  • Heat settings perfect for all hair styling methods
  • Causes zero frizz
  • Lightweight
  • Pretty darn quiet, no high pitch sound
  • Offers styling tools, included in box
  • Pretty to look at
  • Inexpensive
  • Ion and ceramic technology
  • Longevity is excellent
  • Easy clean filter, when I remember
  • Powerful air flow
  • A bit bulky, definitely not a travel dryer
  • Can get very hot on highest setting, so exercise caution
  • Could be quieter like a pro dryer
  • Can't think of another single thing
My Summation

For the price and the lasting power of this styling tool, it is an economical jewel. Easy on the budget, easy on the hair, and simple to use.

I love how my hair looks and feels, and how quickly I can get done styling my hair. I have shoulder length hair and a lot of it, and it is dry in under 5 minutes with this hair dryer. Plus the fact I can once again reduce my use of styling aids.

Side Note: A tell tale sign of an aging dryer, I have since learned with my new purchase, is tied to the ionic technology. When my hair was frizzing more with the old one, it was the symptom apparently of the ionic charge no longer working. So keep an eye on this condition if your hair begins to suffer frizz with an ionic brand of hair dryer. Maybe time for a new one regardless of it still being able to dry your hair.

In terms of reviews online, you'll see negative and positive, with most of them being positive. This hair dryer went through some issues around 2007 and 2008 after I bought my first one of this model, with some complaining of shorts and sparks. I NEVER experienced this with mine.... in fact it died quite unceremoniously, again through it being my fault of poor maintenance.

Components age, people drop them, children pull on cords and some people really don't understand how to use a hair dryer. When something goes out with a bang, yes it can be a defect, but it also can be a malfunction from abuse...we simply may not be getting the whole story.

For instance, putting something on the highest heat setting and then holding it close to the hair, and then complaining it fried their hair, clearly they do not understand the mechanics of a hair dryer. I personally have also smelled my hair frying, but not on my head, it was from a hair falling out and landing in the heating coil of the dryer. So what some may think is cooking their hair, could simply be fallout into the dryer.

Heat settings are guidelines as I explained above, and the medium heat is all that should be used and is sufficient for doing a nice job for overall drying of the hair. The highest heat should be for shaping the hair only, and the dryer should be continually moving like over a hair brush tool. When used correctly, heat can create soft flowing curls and it can be used to straighten kinky or curly hair. Keep this intense heat too long in one spot and it will be no different than using a curling iron on one spot too long....fried, frizzy hair.

All I know, is I love mine and it has performed up to par and beyond my expectations for the price offered. So I highly recommend this hair dryer for getting the job done.

No regrets and this is the second one I own. If I thought for a minute that anything I had read negative as being face value of this product, I would have moved on....but I simply did not have this experience of what some reviewers complained about. So I will continue to stick with my Revlon Hair Dryer until there comes a day it will prove me wrong.


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