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Reinvent That Scentsy Pot!

Fall Has Launched

Well today is the first day of Fall, and for most of us it signifies the onset of colors rich in burgundy, rust and golden yellow leaves with a color splash of mums popping up throughout neighborhoods and parks.

Along with this beautiful transition we experience this time of year, it also signifies the time when we begin to close our homes up for the inevitable colder weather which will soon follow. With our homes shut up tighter than a drum, this brings about stale air and household odors, which then become trapped inside......this is when I whip out my Scentsy Pot!

When the air gets really heavy in my home, even though it is freezing outside, I still try to throw my windows open for about 30 minutes once a week to clear out the congestion that builds up when a house is sealed for awhile. And as many home owners do, they also implement their air fresheners to try to mask some of these odors that hang in the air after a well cooked meal. Or some of us have pets in our homes that can tend to make our homes a bit musty.

Dusting Off My Room Freshener

What has been increasing in popularity is the Scentsy Pot. Yes....I own one of these ingenious little wax melting inventions. I used to burn scented candles years ago, but didn't care for the sooting that occurs when used frequently.

A few years back I went to a home show and saw my first Scentsy Pot and the concept was ideal for how they promoted its' safety, lack of sooting, and the mess from candles that can occur, much less the fire factor.

In this self contained pot, you have the 25 watt bulb which sits in a lovely decorative pot, which is created for many tastes with varying designs. On top sits your reservoir for holding and melting the scented wax cubes. I have mine sitting on my kitchen counter.

Also the infamous Scentsy home office and warehouse are just down the road from me in Meridian that made it easy if I needed a quick purchase on the spur of the moment.

The Nose Knows

The downside to the Scentsy Pot for me is the lasting power of each cube. Disappointingly, it is only about a day from when I turn it on in the morning until I went to bed at night. When I first began purchasing the cubes, I had no idea the staying power was limited. Plus, in larger rooms a single cube won't cut it, so you need to burn more cubes to get a sustainable fragrance for what is literally only a few hours and then it slowly weakens as it fades to a scent that is only detectable when placing your nose within a foot of the pot.

The company touts that a single bar will last 80 hours and they recently went from a container size of six cubes to eight cubes. Now, in my experience they didn't come close to lasting this long. And these bars get pretty spendy at about $5.00 per bar. A bar would typically only last me about half that time. In a smaller home, bedroom or bathroom the fragrance will be more potent and last longer, but room size is a big variable when it comes to using the right number of cubes....and Scentsy states this on their website.

Also the clean up to change out scents or expended cubes was messy. You have to pour the wax out into either its' old container or into something else, and then discard it into the trash. Then you had to wipe out the bowl with paper towel before the wax hardened again or it became a nail scraping job.

The other thing that bothered me after awhile were the scents themselves. After becoming very familiar with essential oils, the fragrance oils they use in their waxes went from being a pleasant experience to not so much. I began recognizing the artificial and sometimes quite perfumey aroma as less than natural. Of course they don't tell you how the fragrances are chemically created due to proprietary info, but it was enough for me to discover a new angle on how I could use the Scentsy concept and continue to have lovely wafting aromas within my home.

Essential Oils To The Rescue

I simply love the different designs of the Scentsy Pots, no doubt about that, but I got to a point I couldn't stomach the artificial scents. My nose has gotten so sensitive, and it seems more so the older I get.

Essential Oils are known for their healing, calming, rejuvenating, uplifting, sedating, relaxing, aphrodisiac, etc, properties whether they are in a dilution to place on our skin for direct benefit, or they are used for their aromas in meditation such as aromatherapy. They create a sense of well being and are truly the essence of the plant they originate from.....not artificial. You will know the difference if you ever compare a fragrance oil to an essential oil. EO's are more earthy, heady, floral, warm and rich.

Scents Galore For All Seasons
  • In the Fall you can enjoy EO's that are spicy, nutty, earthy, woody, warm
  • In the Winter you can enjoy EO's that are spicy, sweet, honey, fresh, herbaceous, licorice
  • In the Spring you can enjoy EO's that are floral, fresh, minty, powdery, clean, soft
  • In the Summer you can enjoy EO's that are citrus, grassy, sharp, fresh, clean
Any time of the year you can enhance your home with these natural, refreshing and pleasant scents which will not only fill your home with wonderful aromas, but will bring about a sense of mood that your heart desires by choosing that particular essential the added benefit of possibly triggering a past memory from our childhood we enjoy reliving, such as the essential fragrance a freshly cut Christmas Tree brings into a home....a true favorite for me. You can blend them to recreate that perfect aroma, which will become your most cherished.

Recipe For Reinventing That Scentsy Pot

Find out what EO's you enjoy and buy out the shop. They are relatively inexpensive by comparison to Scentsy bars due to their concentration levels. And a single dose will last all day, but at the cost per bottle these are a bargain, especially once you mix them in a medium for dispersing the fragrance.

Of course there are some EO's that will break the bank on price, but if you find it in your budget they are also fabulous. Rose Absolute for instance is incredible, but costs a whopping $250.00 an ounce. Where as Rosewood, Palmarosa or Geranium can get you close to mimicking the rose combined with other fragrance notes in their mix ranging from $5 to $12 an ounce.

Some shops have scenting bars to create a custom blend of scents, or you can find them online at various locations depending on your desires. And what you'll learn is there are many scents that mimic others, and this can be quite important especially if your favorite scent exceeds your budget.

My Recipe For Creating Bliss In My Home

Once you have chosen your favorite EO or a blend of them, fill the reservoir of your Scentsy pot with cold water and take an eye dropper and fill it with one squeeze from the bottle of your aromatherapy blend and put it into the water. This will burn off in the course of a single day and the reservoir will just about be dry and only needs to be rinsed out with warm water for the next days use.

This small amount of EO added to water will fill a large room with the most refreshing aromas you'll every experience all day. Your mood will be transformed and your house will smell wonderful....and it is completely natural and organic. And the best part is, a one ounce bottle will last a month or more depending on your usage or size of room you use it in. You can decrease or increase the eyedropper amount to preference, and it will only cost you pennies per day.

Warning: Never place pure EO in pot without water medium. It will not sustain and will burn off within a matter of an hour. Water is needed for extending the EO.

Not only are you doing something that is invigorating to the senses, but you are awakening brain cells that have long been static, and it will provide a constant state of aromatherapy in your home as you go through your day.

For those that need calm or a good nights sleep because you are at work all day, then there are EO's created just for this purpose...they can be calming, sedating and fill your body with relaxation so you can drift off to a sound sleep. Just turn off your Scentsy warmer when you awake in the morning.

So for those of you that have since put your Scentsy pot to the back of some cupboard or have not purchased one yet, I encourage you to reinvent your Scentsy with this formula, or go buy one for the purpose of health and well being, because the pots are a designers dream, since there are so many to choose from. They even offer holiday specific pots or for the change in seasons.

Hope you come to enjoy your Scentsy pot as much as I do with my EO's, and partake in a new experience recreated right in the comfort of your own home.


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