Thursday, April 8, 2010

No More Waterproof Mascaras

What's This I See?

As I stare in the mirror, I notice something remarkable happening to my eyelashes....I seem to have more of them lately.

I have been using many different mascaras over the years and I just recently did a video review on Maybelline Colossal Volume Express. I do love this mascara and it goes on smooth without clumping, leaving my lashes very flexible and soft, so no flaking either. It also won Allures' Editors Choice Award. Also FYI, there is a Colossal Volume Express Waterproof Mascara so make sure you don't mix up the two when purchasing. Both in yellow tubes but the waterproof version is turquoise text on yellow and the one I am writing about today is purple text on yellow .....pictured to the left.

The only thing I really took notice of was, upon opening the tube, I detected a slight odor when using it, but it dissipates once it dries. I really couldn't identify it when I did this video, but since being out in my yard once again with the nice weather, I have nailed it. It reminds me of pyrethrin garden spray, which of course is a natural organic compound made from Chrysanthemums for killing pests on your plants.

Now this is not to imply at all, they are using bug spray in the mascara, just that it simply smells exactly like it. I am just one of those people that when I recognize an odor that reminds me of something else, I go bonkers until I figure it out......So finally that is one less thing on my mind and it can now be laid to rest....sometimes the way my mind works is truly a curse to be sure....the mad scientist ever inquisitive.

Now where was I....oh yes...anyhoo.... this mascara is also not waterproof for a change, and I don't think I have used a non waterproof mascara for years. In using this new mascara for a bit now, my eyelashes are clearly growing back in and they are getting longer.

What Is This Strange Phenomenon?

On the package it states that it will increase volume by 9 times with the use of their added collagen. Now there is no mistake that collagen perhaps will soften the lashes, but it does nothing to plump or thicken them since lashes are dead cells and will not take up any outside source to give them actual volume....mascara works due to the laminates in them which build up with each sweep of the wand, bonding with each consecutive coat.

What I do know is this....the reason my eyelashes are more dense and longer once again is the fact that I am not brutalizing my lashes trying to wash off stubborn waterproof mascara. No matter how good a cleanser you have, the rolling action of the fingertips or the wiping with a tissue or pad for removal, pulls out delicate lashes. Waterproof mascaras have additional waxes mixed with the shellacs in them which are very sticky and instead of releasing nicely, it holds onto the lashes, hence they pull out with the removal of the mascara. Waterproof formulas may stay put through a cry job or dip in the pool, but they are probably what is causing the thinning of your lashes as well.

I never made the connection before until I finally switched to one that doesn't claim it is waterproof.

For The Mature Women In My Audience

As we all know everything seems to get thinner as we age...our hair gets thinner, our skin gets thinner, our lips get thinner and our eyelashes get thinner. The only thing on our body that seems to get thicker is the waistline.... *sigh*

So using a waterproof mascara can increase the rapid loss of our eyelashes in my humble opinion, so for this gal, no more waterproof mascaras. I guess I will just have to live with raccoon eyes after a good cry or a dip in the pool every so often.

If you have been wondering why your eyelashes seem to be stumpier or not as thick, it may just be the mascara you are using rather than your age specifically. I just think due to age it doesn't take much to yank out the few precious eyelashes we have left anymore. So why help the situation by using a sticky mascara that won't budge without really working at it.

Just A Tidbit

Oh by the way, in all those commercials we see with eyelashes being so lush, long and luxurious supposedly transformed by the mascara of the day.....well.....they do look lovely, but these marketers have been outdone by High Definition Television and 60" know...where you can see every pore on their face and every hair on their chinny chin chin.....

Look closely and you will see in every instance they are also wearing some very nice false eyelashes, expertly applied I might add. You gotta love really brings truth to life. No wonder Botox is becoming more popular these days!

Have a great weekend and toodles!

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