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Sterling Minerals Receives Emily Award

This Is Fun!

I just learned this week that my company had received an award from Beauty Broadcast known as the Emily Awards for 2009, for her favorites in different categories.

We received Best Mineral Makeup Foundation in the High End Category.

I love that she loves our products and appreciates the results that they offer. I was so elated at this news that I could barely refrain from being giddy!

I love Emilys' videos since she is so down to earth and really has fun in what she does. Emily is a popular makeup guru and she does regular YouTube videos on product reviews, makeup tutorials, hair fun and so many other things that strike her fancy.

Her reviews are unbiased, articulate and she has a strong desire to keeping it real and I am all for that.

She also maintains a blog in order to categorize and keep her videos and articles up to date for all of her followers.

I think she is a lovely person and truly enjoys the process of sharing the information to all, and her many fans think she is about the best out there. She is so dedicated to those that watch her videos, rarely an entire week goes by without one or two videos being posted. Personally I don't know where she finds the time, but my hat is off to her commitment.

Our Award

Here is a link to her blog for the list of the best in 2oo9:

Blog Article

And here is the video link for those that cannot see the video below to watch a full review on our Mineral Foundation.

YouTube Link

She enjoys the Velvet formula since she seems to have oily skin and wished for a heavier coverage.

Please enjoy the entire video or if you are short on time our review is located in the time bar 4 minutes and 55 seconds into the review. Just left click on the slider and drag to the time shown.

She uses our foundation in many of her tutorials as she'll explain further in her video.

Well that's it for this week! We have been extremely busy since the Holidays and Emily's latest reviews have definitely contributed to the sudden influx of new customer orders.

Many, many thanks go out to Emily of Beauty Broadcast. Keep up the good work! Here is the original review as posted on her blog!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Sterling Minerals Review

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Hello everyone!
Hope you're all having a good weekend so far. If you've been watching my videos for awhile, you may have noticed that while I sometimes use liquid foundations- I've also experimented with many different brands of mineral makeup. Some of them I love, and some of them I really don't like! Sterling Minerals is on my love list. In the past I've raved about Everyday Minerals, which I also love, but sometimes I hear from those who say it's irritated their skin and they've had to discontinue use. It's worked fine for me, but I wanted to test an alternate product that claimed to be very skin friendly... so if EDM didn't work for you- maybe this would.

I really can't provide EVERYTHING there is to know about this brand here on my blog- but the Sterling Minerals website is extremely informative and will likely answer any questions you may have. They have a section called "research center" which is a great place to learn more.

According to the website: "You can enjoy a 4 in 1 money saving formula of Sunscreen, Foundation, Concealer, and Powder. Our minerals will do more than just calm and prevent irritation; they will assist in healing and repairing your skin, and will prevent flakiness, and the itchy feeling that can occur with some other brands. They are feather light on your skin and will not settle into fine lines. They will trap excess oil and retain moisture against your skin giving you a lustrous, soft, natural looking veil lasting all day until you wash them off. Colors are transfer resistant and are virtually waterproof, sweat-proof, and will hold up in high humidity."

Foundation: $24.00
My shade: Hannah- Velvet Rose Petal formula
The first thing I noticed about this foundation was how soft it felt on my face. It gave my face a very matte appearance and seemed to be medium coverage- but it is quite buildable, while still giving you a natural, not caked-on look. This is one of the most long-wearing mineral foundations, it took me through my work day staying matte- even under the bright lights on the anchor desk!
The neat thing about this brand is that they have 3 different foundation formulations: mine is Velvet Rose Petal for Normal to Oily skin, and it's meant to give you the most opaque coverage. They also have Dewy Rose Petal for Normal to Combination skin, and Delicate Rose Petal for Normal to Dry and Sensitive skin- woohoo! -I know some of you are in the market for a mineral foundation that caters specifically to sensitive skin! Also- the website gives very clear descriptions of each shade- making it easy for me to pick the right one.

Mineral Blush in Sunset $15.00

I LOVE this blush! It's a super pigmented deep coral shade. Blends beautifully into the skin and I think this particular shade would work great on a variety of skin tones. It's like my Milani Minerals blush in Mai Tai- only a little heavier on the peach and lighter on the pink. On the Sterling Minerals website- they give descriptions with each blush saying what skin tone it would work best for- really cool!

Satin Rose Finishing Veil $22.00

Like many mineral makeup brands- sterling minerals also has a finishing veil meant to keep skin looking matte, fresh, and decrease the appearance of pores. I'm not sure how to describe this, but the texture on this particular product is very powdery and dry- this might be hard to comprehend- since clearly, the line of makeup is indeed made up of various powders. It's not necessarily a bad thing- but this product seemed very dry as I was touching it with my fingers- but on my face it really did add to the matte effect I was after.

Overall Impressions

  • My skin did not have any adverse reactions to the products- they seemed to be very gentle and after continuous use- I felt the condition of my skin actually had improved!
  • Fantastic website- loads of info about the products- including ingredients- and it's very user friendly in terms of finding the right shade.
  • All the products are very easy to blend, and manage to provide good coverage yet a lightweight, non-cakey feel- this is a big deal to me.
  • The foundation had great staying power for me- even after a day at work
  • The blush is fantastic and I'd imagine the other shades would be equally pigmented and pretty
  • The finishing veil is nice- but I'm not sure how well it would work for extremely dry skin... because it had sort of a dry, powdery feel.
  • The price is obviously higher than what you'd pay at the drugstore, especially for the foundation- however if you're looking for something that caters to the health of your skin- this might be worth checking out
  • There are samples available on the website- but they are not free. They're $3.50 apiece and the containers aren't necessarily filled to the brim with the product. The website says you should be given enough for 7 days worth of applications.

Thanks for checking out this review everyone! Please let me know if you've tried this brand, or are planning to try it. What did you think? Once my internet is back up and running at home, I'll definitely be using this product in tutorials so you can see it in action. Have a great day!


Cheers Everyone and have a great weekend! Feel free to leave your 2 cents if you wish to share your experiences also!

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