Thursday, December 3, 2009

How To Extend A Lip Glaze Video, Announcements And Some Fun


The holiday season is upon us and this is a time of year where I get a bit giddy and really enjoy the season of cheer!

Thanksgiving Day sets my ball in motion for baking, decorating, visiting all the gala events in downtown Boise, see the lighting of trees and the tree festival.

All the beautiful colors entice me and it is the only time in the winter, I grin and bear the wicked cold to venture out and see all the goodies and lights the city has to offer.

When the kids were little, we used to decorate up the house inside and out for a truly memorable experience for them....and if it snowed, it was a huge bonus. Most gifts were under the tree by the close of Thanksgiving weekend. To add to our cheer we began the neverending playing of Christmas Carols and watching National Lampoons Christmas Vacation and A Christmas Story. These vivid memories were never so true in both of these movies. Just Love Them!

Now it is a new season for us, as empty nesters we go visit the kids in their homes to partake in good cheer and holiday fun.

This year we spent Thanksgiving at my daughter, Frances' house. It is her first home so she was excited to have us over without the intrusion of a room mate. She worked so hard to get to this point since room mates became fickle and less dependable on doing their share of the work and completing financial commitment to their landlords over the years. Her face glows now when you see her in her own home.

We enjoyed each others company, chowed down on some great food, and watched our favorite Thanksgiving video, Planes, Trains and Automobiles.

In keeping of the spirit of the Holidays, I decided to shoot a short video of my family during Thanksgiving Day and share it with my friends and subscribers. Just us, as we settle down to a day of fun and laughter. Of course my family was slightly more reserved than me, but I've become a seasoned pro since launching my YouTube page. ;~) However toward the end of the evening you'll see them feeling a bit more relaxed, just a bit though! (Grin) Hope you enjoy it!

If you are unable to see this due to RSS feed or email, please Click Here to visit the YouTube clip.

New Product Photos On Display!

Finally got the new Grecian Secret Body Souffle Photos up and the main one looks good enough to eat....certainly tempting, but smooth on your body instead for a soothing sensation and bask in the essential oil blends of a very relaxing memory they may invoke.

These are selling like crazy and will make great Christmas Gifts or a gift to yourself for the holidays for that little eccentricity for working so hard and taking care of your family all year long.

Having Fun With New Applications For Friends and Subscribers

In keeping of the spirit of feeling giddy, I decided to add a FAN page for my Business and I placed a link in several locations for easy sign up. The FAN page is located within FACEBOOK. The fastest growing social media Group on the internet next to Twitter. You can also follow me on Twitter if you like. All sign ups are fast and easy and you can give as little information about yourself as you want.

Facebook does require real names of users though in accordance with their no pseudo names, or nicknames or email will need to be YOU but you still control the level of privacy you wish. And the best part is you can begin to use their awesome applications to keep in touch with friends and family from all over the globe. Facebook for me personally, is my most favorite media tool since interactive responses are so fast.

Benefits Of Becoming A FAN

If you would like to become a FAN you can Click Here or sign up at My Website or in the sidebar of my blog. I decided this would be an excellent way to get immediate business updates on mineral cosmetics and skincare specials, promos and other fun things out to my subscribers for instant gratification since my blog articles are typically just once a week.

I plan on doing different things which some will only be available to FAN page guests and YouTube subscribers (My YouTube) and provide benefits that only a subscriber can receive since I don't plan on publishing the same on my website....these will be exclusive offers to my special guests! They will also never run simultaneously. I haven't quite figured out the context for YouTube, but I assure you I will try to make it fun and entertaining. I also plan to incorporate others into my videos for tutorials and to bring in more of my family and our daily lives as we progress into the Holiday traditions of family, friends and fun.

So I hope you'll join us and I'll see you soon at one of these media venues!

If you should have any questions about these media outlets, leave a comment here or write to me and I'll do what I can to assist you in joining the one of your choice.

Extending The Life Of A Lip Glaze

I also produced recently a video on how to extend the life of your Sterling Minerals Lip Glazes and other commercial brands. It is a great way to keep from throwing out that last bit of the "bottom of the tube color" that we just can't seem to quite reach with those wands. Again, if you can't see this below you can visit My YouTube Page for the Featured Video.

Techie Tip: Some may find they aren't able to view videos at all...simple fix, you'll need to install Adobe's Active X app to view youtube. You may be concerned about doing this based on all the virus warnings and spyware you are always hearing about.....this is a trusted site and this app is safe. It is in all computer software installs from MAC's to Windows 2000 and up, you simply need to give it an update and that is all that is required. So don't worry about using this upgrade. You Tube will provide you with the software update when you arrive at their page.

Well that's it for bringing you a day in my life and the latest updates for Sterling Minerals Cosmetics.

Have fun this holiday season and Merry Christmas. I am off to decorate the tree today. Cheers or should I say HO...HO...HO....'tis the season!

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