Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sterling Minerals Company News and Updates

Hello Everyone,

I sincerely hope you are enjoying our cooler weather combined with our Autumn colors that are literally bursting on every sidewalk, outside every home, leaving rivers of fallen leaves on stoops and in gutters.

I really wanted the warm weather to stick around longer but as the season changes with such exquisite displays of reds, burgundy's and golds, it is hard to not be swept up in the wonder of change. Halloween is just a little over a week away and my neighborhood is being transformed into spooky displays of black cats and splashes of orange. I hear excited children getting ready to go trick or treating. It's really difficult to ignore the fun and cheer the Fall season brings. Although orange is not my favorite color, it seems so fitting and a color that I actually do fall in love with at this time of year.

Spiced cider is the beverage of choice for me right now, sipping it in front of a fire with the one you love (my hubby), watching the last of our leaves turn color and float from their summer home coming to nestle in our winterized waterfall creating a cascade of color where there was once flowing water. Ah, c'est la vie...until next year. Anyhoo....

Just wanted to bring you up to date on the latest happenings at my company in case you have missed it.

The body cream testing is going very well and the scents we offer are pretty much split down the middle in terms of preference. No one scent is out leading the other. So it looks like I am going to bring both into the company and I am actually working on having them ready to go before the holidays. These will make great Christmas gifts for someone you love or to treat yourself to their luscious moisture and tantalizing aroma therapy.

So remember to ask for your sample when you order any full size mineral powders or ONATI Skin Care products.

Check Out Our Poll

I have added a poll to the right hand sidebar in my skincare guide just below the email sign up. This is a way for those who have yet to order, but could share their preference with us, can still participate by logging their vote. This is anonymous and only takes a click of the button. Click Here to participate.

I have also decided that even with the earlier release of the body cream, I will continue to provide free samples as I promised, through the holidays with your purchase as stated above. For further details go Here. Or watch our video below followed by Clicking Here to view the More Info under my photo on the right for ingredient details or for those who cannot view this in this article due to RSS feeds and Emails. Please remember, with the free sample, I am requesting the favor of feedback from any of you that ask and would appreciate your opinion.

More Videos Are Also Posted

I have also recently added a Review of Loreal's Extra Volume Collagen Mascara.

I love this mascara and it leaves my lashes well coated without clumping and it leaves them so soft. However, just to point out.....the Collagen does absolutely nothing for our lashes and don't know why it is in this formula except for marketing. Lashes are dead hair so any ingredient listed will not be absorbed or utilized by the lashes in any way shape or form...they will coat them nicely, hence the name mascara. ;~)

Nonetheless, I do enjoy this product very much. You can View it by Clicking Here or watch it below.

My Fall Color Tutorial for changing my colors is also up and I am planning to produce more of these to demonstrate our color pallets. Just realize that in the videos there can be some bleeding effect due to the lighting in my bathroom. But I will do my best to represent the colors as best as I can. Click Here to view or watch below. Of course no photography whether on the website or viewed in a video will do these colors justice. And remember you can request your FREE trial shades when you place a full size purchase which is detailed Here.

A Big Shout Out

Thanks to all those that have already participated in the free trial of skin cream and your feed back has been great.

I also want to thank those that have joined the Sterling Minerals Family from abroad. Our International Customers are growing everyday with our largest base coming from Australia (mainly New South Wales), Singapore, the UK and Canada. Our most recent additions to reaching out overseas are our Scandinavian neighbors.... Norway, Sweden and Denmark. We have enjoyed New Zealand, the Netherlands and France joining us as well.

I very much appreciate everyone who has fallen in love with our mineral makeup and skin care products and for those whom have reached out so far from home to give us your business. Thank You Again!

And to point out for those that are thinking about purchasing from us overseas please see our Shipping Rates now being offered to International Customers for reduced fees. Click Here for information.

Well that's the news....and I wish everyone a happy weekend. Stay Warm and get outside and smell the fresh brisk air...and maybe take a roll in a pile of your neighbors leaves...I mean isn't that what they are there for anyway?


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