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Lip Colors For Fall To Compliment The Season

Fall has officially arrived and it is time to take a look at our lip colors whether it be in lipstick or lip gloss, to see if they still work for our faces. Lip colors we may have enjoyed in spring and summer should be adjusted as the seasons change.

Typically we wear softer, more muted colors to compliment spring and summer fashion and our tanned skin, and they always give a more youthful appearance to women as we mature. However, with that noted, a deeper shade will not necessarily age us if the rest of our face is put together well. It is always about how we shade our complexions from a mineral makeup foundation with blush shade and lips with eye shadow. A perfect pallet of color is so beautiful in the Fall and one to be admired.

Reminiscent Of Autumn

A cold Fall day brings about change and excitement as we head into the Holidays, spending time with family and friends to share in traditions and enjoy childhood memories.

It's a time of hearths filled with the warmth of a crackling fire, hot apple cider, cinnamon sticks and pumpkin everything.

A time of decorating our homes and front porches with Fall nuances and Halloween treats.

Spending time with our family and reliving the gathering of pumpkins steeped in tradition for decoration and pumpkin pie.

The Fall air is fresh, crisp and renewed with subtle aromas of floral, woodsy, earthy tones to awaken our senses.

A drive on a country road reveals the exquisite rich, radiant colors as the sun dances on the many shades of crimson and golden yellow leaves around every bend.

Homes are lined with the Autumn blooming Mums and one can only take pause at their splendor. It is a truly breathtaking scene!

Yes....Autumn is a time of change as summer fair dwindles to only be replaced by more intense revitalized colors. It is only natural that our fashion and our lip colors should too.

Fall Fashion...My Favorite

We enjoy bundling ourselves up with warm fluffy sweaters and scarves and taking strolls in the crisp air enjoying the many shades of Fall, and seeing what our neighbors are doing for their Halloween fun.

Our fashion goes from summer and spring pastels to winter white, rich burgundy, deep golds and greens, dark plum, shades of brown, reds and russets, and last but not least burnt orange.

These colors can bring about cheerfulness since they signify warmth, coziness and can be quite uplifting to ones' mood. So our pastels are replaced with the deeper, richer textures of color as our skin fades from the summer sun. All the more reason to enhance our skin tones with some warmth through deepening our lip colors.

Lip Colors For Fall And To Enhance The Face

As we fade in the winter, our skin begins to lose color and in women of mature years not only does our face lose pigment but so do our lips and they tend to get thinner as well. It is the natural order of things. So we must put color back onto our lips through the use of lip colors so we don't look like death warmed over.

In the Fall and Winter we can get away with more intense shades that will give a beautiful subtle color without overpowering the look. We can remain youthful with darker shades by choosing the correct ones and even layering can give positive results to achieve perfection. Russets, Deep Reds and Wine shades are beautiful on women of mature years and goes farther in tying them together with our favorite Fall fashions.

Tip: You maintain that youthful appearance by keeping blush and eye shadow muted and subtle while increasing the level of lip color. It is more about blush and shadows aging you with too much intensity than a richer, deeper color on the lips. Deep lips, light eye shadow or deep eye shadow, light lips for optimum look.......and blush should always be muted and subtle. Also never line outside your natural lip line and using a nude shade for definition is ideal and most versatile for easy melding of your lip color into the lip line.

In bringing about the subtle changes of deeper tones, you definitely want to avoid shades that are too dark unless you have dark ethnic skin or bright in tone such as red lipstick. This was popular when I was young and during the World War II era, mainly due to lack of selection compared to today, but with so many different shades of red today, is is better to get a russet red or wine red since this is a blend of colors which compliments and won't age the face. Young women with fair skin can look exquisite in a true red shade.

But for women of mature years the big definitely don't want to resemble the Joan Crawford or Bette Davis of the "Baby Jane" era. Striking yes.....right out of my socks....scary! It looks like she is casket ready just in time for Halloween....wowza!

Although our entire pallet of lip colors can be worn year round based on skin tone, the featured shades for Fall are Charisma, Temptress, Innocence and Luscious. These shades have been extremely popular lately as they are outselling the other shades mainly due to the time of year.

You can layer them.... such as a lipstick first and then a layer of lip shine over the top. This is a great way to also make those thinning lips look a bit fuller rather than with lipstick alone. A slight polished shimmer will give the illusion of a fuller mouth. Use different colors also to achieve a completely different shade.

I currently have changed to Temptress with a Lip Shine over the top of either Demure or Innocence. It softens my Fall shade, yet gives me a more intense color that goes with my Fall wardrobe beautifully.

A Drawer Full Of Lip say!

Don't worry about still having shades from this past spring / summer, since you can create new shades by simply purchasing one of our deeper shades in either the lipstick or lip shine and putting them over the top of the old shade. This is a great way to use them up and the lip shine can be used to revitalize the texture of an old lipstick since the oils and waxes will tend to dry out over time. If you have a lip color for over a year or two, more than likely it is past its' prime and should be discarded anyway.

Lip Shine Is Perfect For Your Tween!

These are a great way to introduce your tween to lip color without making her look overdone. The colors are always a bit more sheer and subdued in a gloss, giving more shine with hint of color so her lips can have that shimmery pop while looking like her true self.

Tip For Contaminated Lipsticks

If you ever get a cold sore or fever blister and you have used your lipsticks during the process of healing, you don't need to throw it away to prevent reinfection. Simply dip the lipstick in rubbing alcohol and allow it to air dry. A great way to preserve your favorite lipstick.

Cannot be used on lip shine or lip gloss due to the tube structure and the wand contaminating entire batch with each dip into the color.

Remember The Smooth Pucker

One thing to note of importance...our lipsticks and lip shines will soothe, heal, prevent and moisturize cracked lips staving off winter dryness from the frigid air. They are 100% vegan and are rich in organic butters and oils yet will not leave the lips goopy, sticky or slimy. Just pure luscious lips without dryness unlike commercial brands. No artificial dyes, lakes or Carmine are ever used. We are also replacing our original formula with Gluten Free as they sell out.

Enjoy your weekend and I hope you enjoyed all the photos. I love Fall and the colors and fragrances that come with it. I could have gone on with more colors, but alas only so many hours in a day.

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