Thursday, September 17, 2009

Taking A Break And Sharing The Love

Hello to everyone out there in mineral makeup land,

Well it has been a very busy summer and many changes are still occurring, not only within the business but my life in general.

Days are getting shorter and cooler as summer gives way to fall next week and then Christmas will be just around the corner. Sometimes it is difficult to take time for ourselves. Mineral makeup is not my life, yet it feels like it sometimes and I forget to stop and smell the roses.

My husband and I share a sunset in Zihuatanejo / Ixtapa and partake in refreshments after a great day of snorkeling at Los Gatos Island a few years ago. A season spanning 10 years in our lives when we seemed to be able to make time for the smallest of pleasures and our lives were not defined by our businesses. Aahh....such fond memories....I love going to Mexico!

My mineral cosmetics business is booming while alas, my husband, a custom home builder, struggles with the collapse of the real estate market, yet our support of each other is not mutually exclusive. We have the same goals and move in the same direction as the other one. Reminiscing is important as long as we look back with a smile and not with sadness of a time gone by. A new and better future will eventually unfold as we all work through these tumultuous times.

All of us at some point, can all feel a bevy of emotions which can be anywhere from being overwhelmed at times, weary, anxious, scared, exhausted, happy, excited, sentimental, joyous, lonely, overworked, sleepy and these same emotions can happen all in one day in rare instances.

The swing of emotions can sometimes be confusing, yet an awareness arises typically which tells us this is not normal and we are headed for a meltdown. It can be a difficult task to realize we are at the turning point going in that direction but thanks to family or friends, they are most generous to point it out to us if we seem to be headed off our rockers.

Bless their hearts!

Not all of us are lucky enough to have a support system when things are not going our way or we feel we have just about had enough. Some of us just want to get off the wild ride of this emotional roller coaster and have life return to normal. I share these same feelings, but today's question is; "what is normal anymore?"

Do you know?..... I sure don't!

Now aside from it being PMS or Menopause, these emotions will seem to come from simply dealing with the daily stresses thrust upon us through the media, our neighbors, our own family or our boss and the road rage driver at the end of our long and hectic day is the icing on the proverbial cake. Can I get a big "Amen"?....uh-Huh!

If you are self employed, you can be your own worst enemy because if you are like me, you strive for absolute perfection, sometimes guilty of creating our own stress. If it isn't right, I don't stop until it is, sometimes working into the wee hours of the morning. Some of you have probably received emails and shipping notifications as early as 4 am by me since I am so worried about getting behind on my correspondence to my customers. This can be a curse to be sure, not a blessing. Driven is one thing, but driven to distraction is another.

Fortunately, I have a great support system in my business, not only my staff but my husband and daughter who also help out when I need them. And the many customers whom have been fantastic, always giving feedback and have shown me encouragement and support for my latest venture in videos....thank you! It is crucial to me to not let down those that support my readership of my blog or now my weekly videos. This is why, no matter how I am feeling I press ahead to get these two very important things done since all of you are very important to me. Without you there wouldn't be a Sterling Minerals Cosmetics.

Now I would like to share with all of my dear friends, past, present and future, a video that was sent to me by a lady friend of mine who couldn't have sent this to me at a better time. It reminds me to take life with calm, be resolute, and never forget the reality of what truly matters. I hope you all enjoy this as much as I did, and now it is in my favorites on my Sterling Minerals Media Zone Channel so I can watch it whenever I get the onslaught of emotions in one day. I know that if I am not reminded directly or indirectly, I lose sight of the is fleeting so relish the day and always persevere.

Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend! By the way, be sure to have a hankie handy just in case! Truly Inspirational and Beautifully done....going to go watch it again for the bazillionth (is that a word) time.

If you can't see this here please follow the link: I'm Alive

Hugs and Kisses!

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  1. This is so awesome! Thank you for sharing this!! It's a real, down to earth look at life. You and your husband look so happy in Mexico. What a fantastic vacation that must have been, and a great memory. Now, you are making new memories and you are together and loving one another and N-O-T-H-I-N-G is more important than that. Not money, not career, not business, not Mexico, not anything. Real estate, minerals makeup, Mexico and the economy -- all of that stuff is temporary. True love transcends all of it and lasts into eternity. "In plenty and in want, in good times and in bad, for better or for worse, for richer for poorer ...." That is the stuff of life. Everything else is an add-on.

  2. Thank you Donna Maria for such kind words....and we all just need to remember we are in this together each and every person in this nation. We will survive this and most of us will come out stronger than before this began.

    Let's all treat ourselves with some love and tenderness then pass it along to others.