Thursday, September 3, 2009

Mineral Eye Shadow Tutorial Is Now Posted!

Hi everyone,

The latest tutorial is up and I am demonstrating how to use our mineral eye colors. The eyeshadow shades I am using are Mermaid which is a buttery gold which transcends into a soft green shimmer. Very beautiful color especially in sunlight.

I follow it up with applying in the crease, Tiger Eye. A color that is a rich reddish brown with a coppery heat to it. This version of eye shadow look is for a person with small close set eyes like myself since I was not blessed with high brow bones, deep set or wide eyes.

Now please note, I am certainly not a makeup artist, but I am attempting to create a look which gives me a bright well rested appearance and to artificially create the crease I am lacking. Of course there are those that will prefer to soften and blend more so, it will all depend on the shape and dimension of the eye. Also, as with any eyeshadow, the definition will soften further from blinking throughout the day and become more blurred, then the look is optimal.

The trick to applying eye shadow is to keep it fun, experiment whenever you can and realize there are no hard fast rules. Do what works best and looks best for you.

There are other video mavens that do an excellent job at showing you different looks on YouTube and can teach many techniques if you are trying to achieve a certain look. One I highly recommend is Beauty Broadcast. She has gorgeous eyes and perfect for modeling different representations of eye color. They are large, bright, young with beautiful depth and high brow bone.

I'll do other videos with different looks and shades using three shades for a very soft look or just two shadows with a blending out and up to the brow bone. These are other ways that I wear my shadows and it works wonders for women wanting to have a very youthful appearance. I also plan to present other colors so you can see what they look like on as the seasons change.

Of course if you have any questions or special requests of what you would like to see, I'll be happy to do that. However, just be aware, if you want to see a certain shade, it may not be properly presented because not all shades will look good on everyone. But I'll give it my best!

Thanks and enjoy the latest video tutorial. Have a great weekend!

If you are having difficulty seeing this video follow me to my Sterling Minerals Media Zone.
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  1. Great video! I really like my Sterling Minerals eye shadows. I was sent a mermaid sample in my order and it is terrific.
    I know that mineral makeup naturally has more shine than some other eye makeups. But I notice that most seem to have added gold shimmers - even in a more neutral shade that I ordered. I see that a few of the colors are listed as matte, but since some of the shimmery colors didn't note shimmer in teh description, I am not sure what to pick. They are lovely, but sometimes I need a more matte look at work. Any chance of developing some or clarifying others on the site?
    Thanks - keep up the great work! My skin has never looked better.

  2. Thanks Jane, so glad you are having great results with our products.

    I don't believe we note any of our shades as being matte, but semi-matte since we do incorporate a slight shimmer in every shade for lending brightness to the eye. I will look into the other descriptions to make sure they are clarifying what precisely the look is like.

    By all means we must provide excellent descriptions so the customer can choose. In case you weren't aware I did in past articles write about spritzing shimmer shades and this helps to reduce it. Try that!