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Psoriasis And Mineral Makeup Testimonial

Those with psoriasis have wondered if they can actually wear mineral makeup due to it being a powder. The reason behind their thinking is due to the dry scaly patches they get and they fear it will make these tiny patches on their skin only look worse.

In some cases powdered mineral cosmetics or even standard face powders possessing Talc will and can emphasize dryness on the skin, however a lot of makeup brands will also do this including liquid formulas.

What Is Psoriasis?

It is a noncontagious and very common skin condition that causes rapid skin cell growth which will typically result in thickened red, dry patchy areas. It can be as mild as a case of looking like tiny dry skin areas or get so severe it can cover the entire body in thick red patches. It is considered non-curable and can be long term and chronic. In some cases it can go into remission for years only returning later for no known reason.

In many cases the condition worsens in dry winter months so a very good moisturizer is imperative and many report it improves in the warmer summer months when typically our humidity is higher. Sunlight exposure is also noted to improve this skin condition.

1%-3% of the population have psoriasis in one form or another and depending on the severity it can be improved with a gentle moisturizer or it may require topical medications prescribed by your dermatologist. In the worse cases it may require different types of injections to help control the severity of the psoriasis.

For those that suffer from it, they deal with embarrassment and in some cases some discomfort. Medical treatment can sometimes abate the condition but it may also contribute to some of the itchiness and inflammation. It is a daily struggle for some just to try and figure out how to deal with the next outbreak. One can only imagine!

The most common type is chronic plaque psoriasis and in most cases the face is spared. Guttate psoriasis is the second most common and the face can and will be effected mainly in children and young adults and is equated with following a bout of strep throat apparently.

I located an article, Psoriasis, A Comprehensive Guide which shows how to take care and manage outbreaks. Again, sunshine is recommended in moderate doses and is known for helping the lesions to get better. Winter time, it is particularly important to keep the skin well moisturized as I stated earlier. Also through Google one can find many supportive blogs, treatment and holistic remedies and a large compilation of articles to assist anyone who may have this malady. Proper nutrition is also linked to aiding with reducing outbreaks.

Sterling Minerals Can Improve Your Skins' Texture!

I knew our products would do a good job in covering psoriasis patches and reduce redness from inflammation, and I also knew due to our formulations it would not exacerbate the dryness like other mineral makeup brands do.

But...I am also very careful about making claims as to how far results will go or as to the level of helping a condition they can provide. I tested our products through Estheticians who had several clients suffering from it or even the Esthetician herself was a chronic sufferer. The results were nothing short of amazing. The test cases were mild to moderate psoriasis outbreaks and I witnessed firsthand the improved apearance of their skin.

But was I just lucky?

Do I actually want to make a bold statement that our mineral powders will help clear up psoriasis?

Dare to dream.... and I definitely wanted to proceed with caution. Maybe it was merely coincidence and something else that person was doing or using by the doctor that cleared it up. I decided to play the wait and see game.

It wasn't until I actually received a testimonial from an unsolicited user or test subject of our products however, that I finally felt comfortable sharing with my readers these results through this latest good news. As we all know many companies do case studies or have their own product trials to test them mainly for safety and conclude results from use. Though these testings are great, they are still a controlled trial. It is the real customer giving their own test to the products in my opinion, that is the real test of validity.

A letter I received just a couple of weeks ago from a new customer exactly as I received it. Needless to say it had quite the impact on my emotions. I fell over sideways out of my chair!

Her main formula was in Dewy Rose Petal with one or two in Velvet Rose Petal.
Amy D. of Slidell, LA writes:

I just had to write to say....

I love Sterling Minerals!!!

I used up the last of my samples Friday and can't wait until the budget allows for me to order the full sizes. I have psoriasis covering my forehead into my eyebrows and another spot by one side of my nose.

Not only do your minerals provide great coverage of the redness, they actually reduced the redness and flaking quite a bit. Before using Sterling Minerals I usually didn't bother with makeup because the skin under it just peeled off once I got it all on so what was the point. Amazingly that peeling was almost completely eliminated when wearing your products.

Of course now that my samples are used up the redness and flaking are getting worse again. Come on payday!


Thank you so much Amy for this incredible testimonial. Your letter astonished me and brought out emotions which made me feel great and relieved that another woman had been helped with our products.

What Could It Be That Makes Our Mineral Makeup Work?

It is the ingredients I have chosen and the ratios by which they are blended into the overall formula. Most mineral makeup wearers are already familiar with the benefits of zinc oxide, but it is the rice powder known for emollient properties blended with jojoba oil for reducing dryness and for creating a healing environment on the skin including pH balancing, and our use of Allantoin which helps to produce rapid cell turnover.

Allantoin: Our Allantoin is a botanical extract from the Comfrey plant and the FDA has classified this ingredient as a safe and effective skin protectant against rosacea flare-ups, chapped, chafed, cracked, acne prone and sunburned skin. It is used for its soothing anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial properties. It is known to produce rapid cell turnover (skin cell proliferation) by removal of necrotic tissue, speeding up the overall healing of the skin. Allantoin is used especially for its natural healing abilities for acne and rosacea.

Since psoriasis causes a rapid buildup of cells, Allantoin is known to produce its own counter effect by removal of necrotic tissue. Even the FDA notates what its uses are for and the testing that was done long before Sterling Minerals was around proving its benefits for the user. This is why also those with acne and rosacea have had similar results in quick improvement to their skin whether they use anything else on their face or without changing their regimen other than the addition of our products.

Psoriasis sufferers has been more rare of a condition for me to really get a pulse on how their skin will do. It is my sincere hope that others will have similar results once they give our mineral powders a try.

My minerals and skincare line were painstakingly created with much forethought with the emphasis on producing result driven formulas. They simply had to do more than just look good and sit on top of the skin. And my mild skin issues along with my own sun damage treatments were the catalysts for the final formulas that so many have come to love.

Thanks again to all of my loyal customers and please keep those emails coming....they are the best part of my day.

Hugs and Kisses!
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