Thursday, May 7, 2009

Applying Mineral Makeup With The Moist Method Technique

Today I have decided to give a small tutorial on how to apply our mineral foundation for those who wish to achieve heavier coverage or to simply enjoy the benefit of further reducing fly away of their mineral powders. For whatever reason, the look will be incredibly flawless skin. Although I touch on this in my Flawless Face Technique page, some are still not sure how to proceed, especially those that are new to mineral makeup altogether.

The reason this method works so well, is due to our unique formulations, making it impossible for them to cake on the face. Also, the technique referred to as the "Wet Method" you may have seen or used with other brands, will not work with our minerals. That is why I created this tutorial to be specific to our unique mineral powders. You will discover moisture added to the brush gives the makeup a soft creamy feel as the powders are applied. This is how I apply my minerals and I love it.

Another reason this method is so important to know about, is there are some who just can't get past the fear of applying a moisturizer if they have oily skin or acne, so the moisture method assists them with better adherence to the skin.

One more thing to also know, even if you don't want heavier coverage, with the moist method you can control the level of coverage through the amount of minerals you place on the brush. You cannot overdo with our products. I personally have applied up to 10 layers of my mineral makeup foundation trying to get them to cake and it just doesn't happen. Now I was quite the sight and I don't recommend this for a natural glowing complexion, but it was fun to do when creating my formulas. Well....let's get started!

Moist Method Application:

Tap the amount of minerals you desire onto your plate and get out your fine spray mist bottle filled with either distilled water or our Perfect Balance Facial Toner to use to not only set your powders, but to apply them. Prepare your face with cleansing, toning and moisturizing to create the best canvas for application of color. Remember, with our mineral powders, you do not need to wait for the moisturizer to be completely absorbed like with other mineral makeup brands. In fact it only better serves you for increased adherence to skin.

Take your buki brush, flat top or a buffer brush and lightly spray moisture onto the bristles. Usually 2 to 3 pumps will do it and hold the bottle about 8 inches from the brush. You do not want your brush saturated or "wet" feeling since this will only make "mud" of your minerals. You want to be able to allow them to glide onto the skin and prevent drag. It may sound complicated but it is really simple once you try it a couple of times.

After spraying the brush, then proceed to lightly rub brush quickly across the palm of your hand to disperse droplets that may have landed on the bristles and to distribute the moisture evenly across the bristles. Dip into your mineral powders and they will grab onto the moist brush and you will note the amount you pick up will be more than you may be used to.

This picture shows how much I place on my brush, and one application typically does it for me. I don't have to keep dipping repeatedly. Again, don't worry, the minerals will disperse beautifully and will not cake, or you can tap off excess if still unsure of what I promise. But note that if you reduce the powders to a smattering like you may have to with other mineral powders to prevent caking, you can still create drag and streak color, so you do want more powders on the bristles than you may be used to. However, if you want to apply with the preferred moist method but want a more sheer application, then reduce the amount of sprays to just one and then pick up minimal powder.

Rule of thumb.... more moisture, more powder....less moisture, less powder. The powders are quite accommodating to your application desires. Also once mastered, this is by far the fastest method of application as well.

Now gently press and rotate the brush on your skin to take advantage of the moisture covering the bristles. Continue to gently press and sweep to place the powders where you want them. If you didn't get enough, repeat the process again. Once you have achieved correct placement of your minerals, lightly buff to even out the application and disperse color into hairline, neck, and décolleté. Again, this picture shows about the right amount for a fast single application.

Remember, our mineral powders do not require endless buffing to apply them. Press, Sweep, and Buff lightly....that is all that is needed. Our mineral powders are essentially goof proof!

TIP: Never pick up minerals with your brush first and spray moisture over the top of the powders, you will cause a streaking effect on the skin. Even though our powders will always buff out to perfection despite this mistake, it just requires more buffing to smooth the shade back out. Keep it simple and avoid over buffing on the skin especially for sensitive skin types, unless you are using one of our Faux Fur line of Spa Brushes. You can't irritate your skin with these.

You can use the moist method for mineral foundations and mineral veils. The cooling effect of the Rice Powder when moistened is incredible and very soothing to the skin.

The Big No No!

Do not use this method to apply bronzer or blush since these are designed for color intensity and not for coverage. You will end up with a less than perfect application if these are applied to damp skin or with moist method. Streaking or splotching will occur. However, after these are applied you can spray over the top of them to set the minerals and to deepen the color faster.

Spraying moisture over your mineral powders will set all of your makeup and give you a clean, healthy looking complexion. The results are so natural and it is truly, in my opinion, the optimum look one can achieve. Just relax with the process and have fun!

Well that's today's brief tutorial for those who want a natural look or a bit more coverage. Either way, once tried, it may very well become your favorite way of applying your mineral powders in the future.

Have a great weekend!

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