Thursday, April 2, 2009

Mineral Powders Give Sun Protection For Our Heads

As our days get longer and we begin to get outside more and enjoy the open air, riding with the top down or the sun roof open in our cars, or perhaps a bit of kayaking or bicycle riding, we need to be cognizant of the areas of our bodies we don't typically think about when it comes to proper sun protection. Even in Spring time when the sun isn't at its highest yet, the UV rays are still quite intense and can give a nasty sunburn. Don't let our cool spring days fool you!

Our Heads and Ears are exposed!

Men especially, forget about taking care of these areas. Men who's hair may be thinning and their scalp becomes more exposed need to pay particular attention to this area. Some men that are experiencing thinning of their hair may not be keen on wearing a cap or hat to give themselves protection, plus they can be extremely uncomfortable to wear in hot weather.

Women also can experience thinning hair as they get older, exposing areas of the scalp which will be extremely sensitive to the sun. Even women who part their hair are subject to a nasty burn. And the bad thing is, we don't feel our scalps burning since this area is not particularly sensitive. But once your scalp burns and you touch the area or try to comb your hair, you'll know it then.....and by then it is too late.

Now is the time to emphasize mineral powders are not just makeup but are a great sun blocker. What also makes minerals excellent is you can apply them to areas of the scalp without getting your hair all goopy or greasy. Perfect answer for those not wishing to wear hats or slather the typical sunscreen on their scalp. I mean who wants to look like they haven't washed their hair for a week?

For men who have lost most of their hair, then this won't much matter except using a product that is free from chemicals and is safer and easier to use.... and you can match the powders to the color of your natural skin tone.

Also, they are much more water resistant than lotions or creams. The staying power is far superior and you won't feel like you have grease smeared all over your head. They stay put during bouts of perspiration and swimming. These work so well for the scalp while out in the ocean snorkeling. (personal experience) Bet you didn't think of that one! They are also more eco-friendly for water areas that are being kept pristine for reef and coral fish. I personally have found most sunscreens feel heavy and make my skin feel as though it is coated in a layer of chemicals and can't breathe. Chemical formulations will leach off into the water disrupting the eco system and in many of these preserves, chemical sunscreens are prohibited unless water formulated and these have a sunscreen protection of about 30 minutes before they are completely washed away.

For those of us that just wish to protect the parts on our heads such as ears and the small open areas on the scalp as pertain to slight can apply the mineral makeup foundation after your hair is washed and dried. For this type of application you can use any brush that will fit the area for getting the powders well placed. For open parts in the hair, a narrow head brush works well for precise placement following the part on the scalp.

If you like to style your hair with gels and other type of products that may add moisture or stickiness, then it is best to apply the powders prior to using the styling aids to prevent too heavy of an application or to keep it from sticking to hair shafts.

If you have a slight powder dusting in your hair, you can reduce it with a spritz of distilled water, and then a fluffing of the hair again with your hands or a touch with a blow dryer. The minerals will stay adhered to the skin but can easily be fluffed out of hair strands unless you apply after styling aids as stated above.

If you have dark hair, you may be wondering what shade you should use? The answer is to use a color that matches the natural skin tone of your scalp, do not buy a shade that resembles hair color.

And always make sure you protect those delicate ears especially if you enjoy wearing your hair up in the summer time. Ears that were once covered all winter by draping hair styles, will be extremely easy to get burned and are very prone to skin cancer with repeated sunburns. Also don't forget the nape of the neck which is now also exposed with the uplifted hairstyle. Before you know it you'll have a nasty burn in this area.

And for taking care of mens' skin, it really is about perception. Call them sun powders and forget the makeup idea. Changing your way of thinking and realizing mineral powders are truly the best for sun protection due to UV light refraction capabilities, rather than UV absorption.

Also they won't bother your skin if you should leave them on until the next day you shower and wash your hair.

If using mineral makeup foundation this way is not your cup of tea then don't forget your sun hat or sit under a huge Palapa, (missing Mexico) and keep your head and ears protected along with all the other pieces parts of your body and have a great time out in the sunshine.

Wishing you continued skin health and have a wonderful weekend!

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