Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Latest News At Sterling Minerals

Hello Everyone,

Today I wanted to bring you up to date as to what is happening at Sterling Minerals. As you know, we are launching our new skin care line this month and it has been slightly delayed due to matters beyond our control.

I had hoped the products would be available this week, but due to labeling issues we had to postpone. We are currently getting this resolved and finally the products will be going to product photography on Monday February 23rd. It is my sincere hope, pending no more interruptions of the process to bring them to market, we will have them available for sale next week. I do apologize to all my customers and future customers for the date getting pushed back since I realize many of you are waiting with their orders until these are available.

I am pleased to say no other products were cut from the final line, so there will be 7 products total for launch. We will offer 3 luxurious face creams for different skin types and preferred moisturizing capabilities, 1 intensive facial serum with age defying properties and is positively delightful, 2 facial cleansers, one an extremely calming and gentle cleansing lotion and the other a cleansing gel with gentle foaming properties, and last but not least, 1 facial toner with similar age defying properties as our facial serum, with a lovely refreshing natural inherent aroma of rose distillate and can be used by all skin types.

Once you have the opportunity to use these synergetic emulsions and see how well they work on your skin and in combination with your mineral powders, you may never return to commercialized products again.

Natural Mascara Has Been The Question Lately:

I have been asked by many who use Sterling Minerals if I will be introducing a mascara formula anytime soon? At the present time this is a product where I have little focus and the reasons are as follows.

I am a true believer in all things natural with as few chemicals and synthetics as possible being infused into our everyday products which come in contact with our skin. Mascara doesn't fall into this category. Fortunately, mascara is applied to our eyelashes which are not living tissue, whereby there is no uptake of chemicals. The only time mascara may come in contact with the skin is during the removal of it at bedtime, but then it is being washed away.

It is not to say at some point down the line I won't create a product for an overall completion of an entire cosmetic and skin care line, but right now my primary focus is taking care of myself and my customers by providing products which are safer for our skin and our overall health.

If you go to the drug store, you can find a few mascaras that have some very good formulas. One mascara that I use myself and I'll share with you is made by L'Oreal.

It is called Voluminous Naturale Mascara, not to be confused by the original Voluminous product which is what I used before they released the Naturale version. The original version was great, however I fought clumps on occassion due to the thicker consistency, yet my lashes remained quite soft and touchable. So, I still loved the original version. The Naturale version is an excellent mascara also, has great staying power, won't flake, smudge, clump or run and is extremely water resistant. Gives you a natural looking eyelash and will last all day until you take it off. This product nicely separates all eyelashes and drys to a stiffer consistency which assists with correcting crooked lashes or holding your curl after you use this weird tool which I personally never got the hang of. The price range is anywhere from $5.00 to $9.00 depending on where you buy it. For my complexion and hair color, I use the Black / Brown shade for the most natural look.

Now if the name could only reflect the ingredient label, but alas commercial products are still full of the cheaper stuff for mass production.

Well that is the skinny on what is happening of late, and until next week, everyone have a pleasant weekend!

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