Thursday, January 8, 2009

Foiling Method Of Applying Eye Shadow

I have had women ask me how to make their eye shadow more intense. They love the color but wish for it to really pop. Foiling eye color is the answer, yet I was surprised to learn many women are not familiar with this term or what it even is.

Foiling is a simple method and gives beautiful results. It also helps the eye color to last longer. Precision is perfect with no fuss or muss.

Begin with your jar of loose mineral eye shadows, tap out a tiny amount onto a plate or into the lid. Remember do not touch your brush to the sifter to prevent cross contamination.

Then get your shading brush slightly damp using distilled water preferably, followed by dipping it into the minerals. When you look at the color now, you will see it has intensified to a super rich color.

Now simply apply to the eyelid. The sensation will be very cooling, and the eye color will be gorgeous.

Foiling method is also similar to creating an eyeliner out of darker shades using an eye liner brush. Angled brushes are excellent for intensifying the color in the crease.

Mineral eye colors can be just as dark and rich through foiling them as commercial shades loaded with dyes, lakes and synthetic colors without the risk of problems these can cause around the eye area.

A final spritz of distilled water over the top will set the eye color for the day. Make sure you keep the eyelid closed, or if you still have a crease like me when your lid is closed then keep the eye wide by looking down and raising eyebrows and not allow your eyelid to crease until lid dries.
Tip: Don't ever stretch or pull the crease out of the eyelid since this will only damage the delicate eye tissue over time. And as we mature, we certainly don't need to help gravity any. So use facial muscles to extend the eyelid instead of your fingers.

Making Eye Color Last Longer

Although my mineral Rose Bloom Eye Colors are formulated in a base to increase staying power and are not just colored micas which do not last, they are not impervious to fade out or creasing.

Many factors contribute to this. The shape of the eye, skin creams, blinking or oily skin.

Due to the shape of the eye such as a woman with very little lid or a deep fold in the eyelid will tend to have fade out and a bit of build up of shadow in the crease. Women of Asian heritage tend to possess this eye type. Blinking throughout the day causes an ongoing rub out every time the lid opens and closes.

Women with beautiful deep set eyes have it made as far as the color lasting forever. The lid is large and is shrouded by a high brow bone so very little crease, preventing the rub out. I have a deep crease with a small lid so I too experience some fade out. It simply is genetics ladies, and we just make do with what we have been blessed with. And as we age eyelids begin to droop more, making our crease heavier and more prominent. Having an eye color look as fresh as the moment we applied it by the end of the day, will be a miracle for our eye types. Basically the same principal as lipstick. It too won't last all day due to speaking, eating, drinking and from licking our lips.

Very oily lids will also cause eye shadow to crease or the use of creams which possess silicone oils due to the slip properties of these ingredients. If you experience this problem due to creams or oily lids then I advise using an eyelid primer before applying your eyeshadow. Evening Rose Veil can assist with this or a drugstore brand will work equally as well. Also avoid applying moisturizer directly to the eyelid. Save it for bedtime after makeup comes off. Other companies state the opposite to make their mica colors adhere, however this will only make the problem worse and a skin cream cannot prevent a colored mica from wearing off since they have no ingredients for adherence to the eyelid. Creasing will be terrible and literally after about an hour the color will all but be gone.

Only use a moisturizer that is free of silicone yet possess, natural butters and oils which absorb really well and don't tend to leave a greasy after feel. Our new Vitamin Rich Facial Serum arriving next month, is going to be perfect for priming the face and eyes for mineral makeup application.

I hope all of your holiday plans went off without a hitch and I missed writing to you every week. It was a nice break, but I am glad to be back.

Hope you all have a great 2009!

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