Thursday, October 30, 2008

Stop! Don't Throw Out That Lipstick!

Do you have a purse or drawer full of old lipsticks or glosses you decided you just can't wear anymore?

Or perhaps it is a shade that is know...looks good with a tan but not once your skin fades? Or vice versa!

Well now you no longer have to feel as though you wasted your money buying a color you are less than happy with. It is just a matter of doing a bit of layering and blending of more than one lipstick or lip shine color.

Whichever color you like the least should be the one you apply first to your lips. Then take a more preferred shade and layer over the top of it. The change can be quite dramatic. Not only do you mask the disliked shade, but you may have quite possibly created a more attractive shade combination.

Of course if you have a shade that is on the dark side and it just doesn't seem to work with your light complexion, then use a shade that is much lighter to balance the color out. This will soften the darker shade and give your lips a fuller look since a dark shade tends to make lips appear a bit smaller. The same is true with working the colors to the opposite. Dark over lighter for a more dramatic effect.
One Note: If you enjoy playing with fluorescent, very dark or super shimmery colors these may not be able to be corrected with a more conservative shade. Unfortunately, they will bleed through or blend with the other color and will not look natural. The trash bin will then be the only answer or forever exiled to back of your cosmetic drawer until in some unknown span of time, you gasp, " what was I thinking?" Chock that one up to "bad store lighting"! C'mon you can do it...throw it away!

Blend lovely shades of pinks, reds, burnished golds, rusts, mauves and plums in a variety of ways and you will achieve a beautiful new color that will allow you to use up the old lipstick or gloss. Go ahead and experiment...if you don't like it, it is as easy as wiping off with a tissue or wash cloth.

No more wasted dollars going into the garbage can. After all in todays' economy who doesn't want to save a buck.

What I love about the concept is the perk of getting a surprisingly lovely shade.

The downside...once the disliked lipstick is gone, the color can't be duplicated.

However, you can always go back and buy another one. Or what I love to do is play around with a multitude of colors for an endless variety of lip color shades. This way my lips never look blah! And interestingly enough, I end up with some great looking lips.

Smooches and have a great weekend!

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