Thursday, October 2, 2008

100% Vegan Friendly, Synthetic Mineral Makeup Brushes Arrived

At last the day has arrived to unveil our Luxury Spa Line of Mineral Makeup Brushes for purchase. These are truly a professional line of brushes made with the highest standards in quality. We simply won't settle for anything less.

We are several days behind schedule, but they have finally arrived and we are excited about it knowing the wait was well worth it. They will be officially available for purchase on Friday 10/03/08

You will love the feel and texture of these magnificent brushes against your skin, especially how they feel when held in your hand. Just look at the benefits of using this brush line:

  • Easier to clean
  • Tips won't crush
  • Softness unequaled
  • Will absolutely not shed
  • Will not cause skin to itch
  • Can be used post procedure
  • 100% Cruelty Free Synthetic
  • Excellent for precision application
  • Hold their shape better than natural hair
  • Large chunky handles for ease of handling
  • Grabs and holds the minerals for cleaner application
  • You will be overjoyed at the results from using one of these fantastic brushes
So come on in and take a peek!

Just a reminder, all of our natural hair brushes are on clearance at 50% off retail. We still have 1-3 mineral makeup brushes left in stock in each style. So grab yours while you still can at these incredibly low prices.

Happy Shopping! Cheers!

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