Thursday, September 18, 2008

Pedicures - Keeping Your Feet Safe From Bacteria

Getting a pedicure can be the most relaxing time spent at a salon. The massaging and exfoliation of ones' feet will melt the doldrums and remove all the cracking and rough skin from the soles of your feet.

I personally love having my feet rubbed, mainly by my hubbie, but when it comes to the ultimate foot massage, I pretty much stick with oils and foot scrubs rather than soaking feet in liquid solutions or coating them with wax. I primarily recruit this pleasure from my husband or work on my own feet at home. After enjoying this past time that I take for myself, I was glad I had practiced this ritual at home after learning about the downside to having a pedicure in a salon.

I never would have believed it until I saw it with my own eyes of pedicures gone bad in salons where proper sanitation was not used or monitored. Foot baths were not changed between clients and bowls were not thoroughly sanitized after each use even if the solution was changed.

Bacteria lives on surfaces for extended periods and if not killed with anti-bacterial solutions, the effects on the next customer could be devastating. The unsuspecting customer sits down to enjoy what they think is going to be an enjoyable experience, only to later find out they were exposed to fungi, bacteria and other forms of skin irritants which created long term effects, even permanent damage to their legs and feet.

The video you are about to watch shows the terrible results of a pedicure gone bad. I felt necessary to show the extremes of what can happen in an unsanitary environment to fully make an impact on future decisions you may have in regard to pedicures. Please listen to their sound advice for prevention such as, do not shave before getting a pedicure, is one caution to observe. Be sure to hit the pause button if you have the music on "My Musical Favorites" before playing video!

A beautiful glitzy salon does not mean good sanitation is practiced so the analogy, "you can't judge a book by its' cover" never rings more true than in this scenario.

Ask important questions, such as how they sanitize and for the best in maintaining safe health for your skin, require the salon tech disinfect and prepare the foot bowl in your presence. Do the same for the pedicure tools used or bring your own. If they will not do this small favor for you as a concerned customer, find another salon. There are many to choose from and those that will do just about anything for your business.

Don't take chances with your health or your beautiful skin. If you should notice an abrasion or an area that seems to be bleeding after your pedicure, disinfect the area immediately and watch closely. If the area does not look better within a couple of days, seek medical attention before the infection can get worse.

What you do in regards to pedicures from this day forward will balance the scales in your favor for a nice relaxing, SAFE pedicure and please tell a friend!

Tip: when doing your nails at home, always make sure you trim your toenails after a good soak or stepping from the shower. This will make the nail easier to cut and give a much cleaner trim, while also avoiding an ingrown toenail.

To Good Health!


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