Saturday, February 2, 2008

Mineral Makeup.....How To Avoid Whiteout In Photos!

As I sit at my desk this morning looking out of my office window I wonder about what I should address in this weeks’ Blog, when I realize it has begun to snow with gale force winds creating deep drifts of fluffy white powder. As I continue to gaze outside from the warmth of my home at its' brilliance, my eyes begin to narrow as I try to protect them from the intense glare caused from near whiteout conditions. Suddenly I get my idea to write about mineral makeup in pictures and the lovely glare off our faces that can occur! A tah-dah moment which isn't easy these days as the cabin fever begins to set in. Our snow storms have been going on now for a couple of weeks with no end in sight, so I am longing for a sun drenched beach. Very unusual for the Boise Area.....City of Trees. Ah well....time to set my screen saver to tropical locations as I wait out the long winter. Anyhow.....back to this weeks’ article.

How many of you have had your picture taken with a flash camera only to have your face completely wash out or appear super shiny? You know, that lovely glare in the photo!

The worse part about it is this was perhaps a special day, such as graduation, your wedding day, or a day that had some significance? Many have complained of this, including myself when I wore other brands of minerals. Photographs that were simply ruined by the fact you could not see your beautifully made up face for that special occasion, just a white blob with a pair of eyes and teeth.

Sometimes experts say to forego the mineral makeup and use liquid foundations during those special photo ops. This seemed silly to me since now, for this one day I am applying heavy, cakey chemicals to my face that I know are not healthy for my skin just to avoid the mineral makeup shine. What about those candid moments when pictures aren’t always planned? I knew there had to be a better way.

Don’t despair.....You don’t have to give up on mineral makeup on those special photo opportunities; you just have to wear the right one. I knew I had to do more than just develop a mineral makeup that would be wonderful and healthy for my skin but also had to do much more. So I created a mineral foundation that looks great in all lighting, including flash photography. We do not use Bismuth Oxychloride at all, which has a pearlescent shine, never mind the irritation factor with this ingredient, or Mica as our mineral base or heavy Titanium Dioxide loads in our formulas due to the high refraction of light (bounce back) that occurs in pictures when these ingredients are used at incorrect or high ratios.

Using Sterling Minerals formulations will prevent this problem, looks wonderful in natural and artificial lighting, and will not wash out in flash photography. The use of our foundations is typically all you need for smooth skin but if you have excessively oily skin, then with the help of our Minerals Veils, either Evening Rose or Satin Rose, an application of this over your foundation will further decrease any shine your skin may still have. Plus Mineral Veils are a wonderful way to freshen your makeup. Our veils will not give you a chalky appearance but a soft airbrushed finish which will do wonders at smoothing your skin and creating perfection in pictures.

So, don’t compromise your skin health for a photo shoot by using those heavy liquid foundations. Because by the end of the day when you wash it off, you will have some fall out in the form of irritation or acne that may take up to several days later to blossom and longer to resolve, on what was otherwise a flawless complexion.

So stick to your healthy choice of mineral makeup, just choose the right one with the proper ratios of ingredients to avoid flash bounce back giving that ghostly, whiteout appearance to your face.

Allow your skin to glow with health....not shine!

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